Thats How Love Goes-PART 1

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Clay and Liz
Ages 26 and 22, married  3 years, but been together 20 years
Business man and Nurse
Trouble in Paradise
Liz: “There was a time when Clay was so depressed, that business was not going on so well and finance was also scarce. We had both bitter feelings about that, it was difficult to pay some bills, and that was not a good feeling at all. Financial problems, always affects relationships and one has to be strong enough to overlook them.
Clay: “It was some years ago before we decided to get married. Life was tough, but we tolerated every obstacle that was coming our way. “We had really a tough time, but I had never thought at any time that I never  loved her.”

A More Perfect Union

Clay: “I decided to change business, since I knew and I was positive that it could also change our lives, I did, and as we continue to enjoy every little fruit and income we get, I believe I also fall in love everyday, and I do not intend to let any other obstacle come between us.
Liz: “You may wonder, why is she so much in love? The answer is, I was well raised, with a strict mother who taught us to obey people, not only men but both sexes. I was taught to be patient and tolerant, never jump into ill decisions, even if approched by anybody about my husband. I was also taught that, communication and respect is very much essential in a family or relationship, learn to communicate with your other half and also learn to understand him, give him the freedom he desires and your relationship will last forever. He will never go anywhere else because Home is always the best!!!

Clay: “Marriage is the best one can get. Even if its always difficult in the beginning since you have tied the note, you’ve always got to keep it working through thick and thin. You have just moved in to living together and its like you are totally strangers in your behaviours.”You have got to stay put and be patient to learn the other partners behaviour and I believe love will just take its course.”  And how does your love go???

Clay Onyango


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8 Responses to “Thats How Love Goes-PART 1”

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Congrats Clay and Liz for holding together despite…….God does not like divorces and separations.You are one of the best role models in our community here in Stockholm.May the Almighty God Continue keeping you together until death do make you part.Amen!

Hi Mr and Mrs Clay Onyango this deadly nway congrats your marriage was really made in heaven no doubt about it it just reminds me of my mum and dad and if all men were like that there would not have been any divorces or separations but unfortunately sio wote ama.Congrats once again na Mungu awabariki.

Congrats Clay and Liz, although marriage is like a circus, you guyz been good at it, thanks for being our role models out here.

Damn..i hatad this wedding…love the colours, y’all looked so cute! Congrats for holding it down like that!

What a beautiful couple! Hope to meet you guys someday.

God bless y’all!

She is so beautiful and Keep her smiling. guys were killing it at the wedding, working the red and white combo….I´m loving Liz´s quote on the more perfect union part,respect really is important if the institution of marriage is to be worthwhile. Enyewe in this day and age, marriage vows are bilaz…. Instead of “for better for worse,for richer for poor,in sickness and in health, to love and cherish till death do us part”.. its more like “for better period,for richer as long as the pockets keep geting fatter, in health as long as you don´t catch some disease outside and your behind gets sued,to love and cherish till boredom do us part”….Marriages really need to be taken more seriously.To the ones who know what its about, congrats!! we need ya´ll around.
To each his own, keep doing your thing!!

you guys you are killing.may God continue to strengthen your relationship.wish you happy Easter full of Gods blessings.

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