Stockholm Has Many Deaf Kenyans With Evil Minds -Period!!!!

Posted on March 9, 2008. Filed under: Butdoisay TRUE STORIES |

By saying that, I never meant Gerry Midenyo as its being portrayed, Stockholm itself is a time bomb, ticking amongst Kenyans themselves, there are those who are there to destroy other Kenyans. When Tony odera mentioned how petty it was to tear one another apart, indeed he passed a good message to all Kenyans and not to Gerry once again as its being portrayed. What butdoisay did was to congratulate him, for the good advice he adviced Kenyans and not for answering any individual.

Its a shame to see, Kenyans in Kenya trying very hard to reconcile, form a goverment of mutual understanding, while Kenyans in diaspora, are forming a demolition goverment amongst themselves. Gerrys article, to me, was not so alarming and Tonys comment, had a good message that was also observed by Maina Kiai according to Tony.

By giving a chance to my readers to comment, I do so without fear or regret, because this is the only place they can express themselves, and most of the time, sometimes , am asked to remove, what a concerned reader thinks is bad, and i respect that and remove the comment or the article.

Most articles that butdoisay writes are based on true humourous stories which is only for laughs….and to say that, to see pictures of 2 women on valentines day in a swimming suit on butdoisay is porno….then it seems like I dont know what Porno is, to say that an old womans dress tucked in her afuongo is porno also, is absurd…..afuongo is like a short and it exposes nothing whatsoever.

UHFCK funds- I am one of the members of UFHCK and I have not had any complaint from the members at all, and its amusing to see unconcerned people pecking their noses into  these funds, I received the statement from the bank in Kenya, that the money was received and i got a copy of the transaction from the people in charge, we are tracking the movement of these funds and let it be our business , and for those involved to identify the use of these funds. How come no one is interfering with the other organisations that were formed during the impasse in Kenya, like MOREDEK and so on, if its a rumour that UHFCK funds never reached its course, then treat it as rumour and consider it as a baseless Rumour!!!

Stockholm has many deaf Kenyans with evil minds, and this does not go to any one particular individual….”LETS WORK FOR A MUTUAL UNDERSTANDING COMMUNITY AND NOT A DEMOLITION COMMUNITY”…..butdoisay…

Clay Onyango. refering to an article on KSB.


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Good go clay, don’t let any ‘wankers’ try and silence our beloved blog, they should live knowing that if they step on our toes we’ll tread on their’s, just because they run a dictatorial blog where we can’t defend ourselves when attacked doesn’t mean you should also do the same, so let’s play the game and let the ball bounce where it may anyday, and i dare say it.

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