Prayers Has Always Worked For Me- Says Ole Saidimu

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Prayers has always worked for me! Even this time!
Fellow Kenyans, reffering to an article by my brother Osewe at the Kenya Stockholm blog, asking the so called the Bagamosssen Wafarisayo to give a comprehensive report on the “failures of prayers”,

brother Osewe in his article purports that all our intensive prayers at Bagarmosen Out reach has been all “blabla” failures.
He mocks the Christian society directing and intentionally intimidates the believers by applying some sorts of uncalled oppressive psychological warfare

I would like to let my informed brother who seams to be lost that the air you are breathing in right now is a gift from God.

The privilege of the silent prayers your soul is engaged in and the time and resources your beloved family, friends and all global human beings are spending praying for you, is enough for the merciful father to save and bless you with life.

We human beings can mock each other but when it comes to the divine power, I strongly condemn any sort of mockery satire and or silly behavior directed to the divine power. We are a descent people, good disciplined citizens who respect the law and love our God. We pray together and help each other in times of need. It is in this gatherings, we learn more about each other’s need including the needs of our brethren’s back at home.

There is no devil or devil angels that can stop us from praying our beloved father in heaven. Shetani Ashindwe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

You can take everything but not my faith! Brother Osewe, I would like to let you know that it took me 22 years to find my God!

The path to this position had taken me through a historical moment that you cannot comprehend.

I had expected my properly learned brother Osewe to be thinking positive this time around when our souls and and physical beings are almost realizing peace from the post election chaos that drowned our nation with deaths, maiming and intimidation of innocent Kenyans in all sectors of life.

Our democratic right has been violated, but due to our strong sense of self determination, peace loving and desire for a better peacefull future, we managed to call upon our God, our brothers from other nations and our own people to help mediate peace talks in Kenya.

This time around, we all gathering to experience moments of history writing, when Odinga takes a crown from the thrown formerly reined by his father.

Odinga’s dream is coming to be realized. Isn’t it anything for brother Osewe to be happy about?

Kenyans at last experience a Kenya with an amended constitution which will once and for all accommodate the post of a prime minister.! Is this not anything to make you smile?

That the Presidents powers will be reduced and the people of Kenya would by the grace of God attain some political burgaining power?

The believers of Bagarmossen, raised money for the victims of the post election. This reports will be provided by the concerned authorities when they are ready.

We made a great success. When you visit the books of history in the coming ten years, you will see new names like, ………………a Kenyan Diaspora UHCK……….. in relation to good deeds. Where will you place yours?

During this time, we greet each other with the slogan of peace! We will continue saying: PEACE BE WITH YOU BROTHER OSEWE!



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3 Responses to “Prayers Has Always Worked For Me- Says Ole Saidimu”

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Amen Maasai warrior this is true people should always know that our God is an awesome and he reigns from heaven above with wisdom, power and love and as long as we have faith in him nothing is impossible.Clay,Njoro,Tony and Saidimu ole Ngais thanks for keeping it real and enhancing the need for uniting all Kenyans now we can all participate in building our nation in peace,love and unity.God bless you all.

Ole Nyaf,
Asante for the good words. We stand together to protect our society. We put our father in heaven above all and our actions within all in achieving an ideal world for all.
Bleassed is the name of our country and blessed is the people of kenya for without you and me, Kenya would not exist. Thank u Ole Nyaf/Ene nyafs once again for your support.

kenyans in stockholm should get a life. Its
nonsense for other pple to believe that they are
better than others. Its good to respect other
pple´s oppinions and beliefs. For pastor Kamau..,,
shame on you. You ain’t better than others. Don’t
be a hypocrate..

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