The Three Stooges In Stockholm….

Posted on February 21, 2008. Filed under: Butdoisay TRUE STORIES |
“A group of women in Stockholm have formed a “gang” to protect their husbands from what they call “men’s thief” that must be stopped by all means. The women who were very angry told Jamii that there were more thieves at the Kenyan embassy than just land grabbers. In modern times, the name Jezebel has come to mean a loose woman or one of low moral standards.”….from
I call them the three stooges-In many cases its the man that makes the initiative and not the woman, if your husband is seeing someone else, find out why he is doing this, coz its your responsiblity as a woman to take care of him and make sure that he comes home. You dont attack someone in a society without finding out what the other partner has done. This is a private matter….
You dont see people together in the streets walking and you think that their marriage or relationship is perfect, they might not be together at all, but  may have a reason  that connects them together. Some couples are wise, they do not scream to the public when their relationship is not working, or when they are undergoing some difficult times in their marriage. Never judge a book by its cover and never interfere with 2 private lives, you will be left alone wondering where to head.
A single woman has the right to fall in love with a man, no matter what rank she has, ( Condoleeza Rice falls in love, just like Oprah Winfrey too). Men sometimes lie that they are single because they are in love, or because they have a mission to get what they want from a woman. A woman believes what she is told, she is not an angel to know whats behind the man that is seducing her.
With the formation of the three stooges in Stockholm, let them interrogate their husbands first and… HASH… before they attack other women.
Both men and women are responsible in a relationship, if it does not work out, blame it on both of you and not the people surrounding you. In the above case, I believe, politics is the motive behind this and I can only term it “POLITICAL AND  CHARACTER ASSASINATION” that leads no where. Should we all scream to the public for help when our relationship is drowning?…..and am asking….butdoisay….
Clay Onyango.

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5 Responses to “The Three Stooges In Stockholm….”

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Tehehehe..primitivity at its highest! Ni akina nani hao Clay? And what will they do to the alleged ‘husband thieves’ do they intend on doing this?!
It takes two to tango! They need to deal with their promiscuous husbands first! Or are these ‘thieves’ breaking into houses with guns and machetes and stealing men…LMAO…maajabu!

DOMO DOMOS! I propose that some “MEN” in stockholm start wearing skirts because that defines them. And please cover up your ugly knees while you are at it.

They say jogoo ya shamba haiwiki mjini and it,s true who would waste all this time writing all that crap about husband thieves jamani huu ni ungwana kweli nauliza je huu ni ungwana???If your relationship is failing we don,t need to know just let it go stop clinging on on something that was never mean,t to be and stop seeking for sympathy by going public because at the end of the day it shows how illiterate and immature you are………!!!!!!!!!!

The problem arises when the Husband Snatcher is actually pretty. Let´s admit it, husbands or wives because of their jobs or lifestyles, that are not satisfied with their significant other in any way will try to find a way to compensate. Now, whether this is right or wrong depends on the person or the situation, some people simply what to play around and so they come up with a million excuses, but at times are indeed trully and really deprived of something, and talking about it or objecting has no apparent effect. What they do is go look for it, and when they find it ……. !!! It is true that the greatest enemy of a woman is a woman. Show me a group of women and I will show you jealousy, hatred, anger, fighting and animosity. All this is the craving for boyfriends or husbands. As much as I agree with this situation, it should also be noted that the general belief of men is that women are their own enemies. Men have used this for centuries to exploit women. It is time for women to wake up and ignore this trick. With the upsurge of doctrine on women’s empowerment in the world today, the enemies that stand in the way of women’s progress are men who would not give up their domineering attitude. Women generally do not support each other, and the lack of support amongst ourselves has created a situation whereby we depend on men to arrive at certain positions. But this type of situation makes us women in positions also vulnerable, for it happens as well that the day men do not want us women again, they simply kick us out, and usually it is women who are helpless.

If we were to carry out a finding as to how many women are in high positions in our society today and whom received the support of women to arrive where they are, we will definitely find few cases. Even the women too, who rise in society, in general, have the same mentality of trying to block other women from emerging or rising, so that they should be the only ones up.

I think it is a matter of mentality, a matter of complex, a matter of lack of confidence. It is just like what you will commonly find among a group of slaves that have just been liberated.
Why is it that we pick women out? women are not husband snatchers. The husbands can not trol themselves. So who is to blame here? The men are the ones committing adultery but why are we putting the finger at women?

We all got 1 life to live….

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