So How Was Your Valentines Day???

Posted on February 15, 2008. Filed under: Butdoisay TRUE STORIES |

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Valentines day…..its now gone, but does is it mean anything to you? Does it bring any joy or any difference in your relationship like Christmas brings happiness in a family? How did you celebrate it, dinner, lunch, wine or fists? Did you get a Kiss from your loved one? What about presents? Any Roses, chains or Rings?

I know my African brothers do not believe in flowers or roses as a gift to their loved ones, but girls love roses, my African brothers would not appreciate a rose without a watch or a chain, you have to marinate it with a good jewelry present otherwise as soon as you depart, it will belong to the dust- bin…he will be saying “sasa huyu ana ninunulia maua za nini? “Kwani ni me die? (now this one why is she buying flowers to me? Am I dead?)…but they are very good pretenders, to convince you that we appreciate roses, we dont!!!…. give me a nice watch or a gold chain  and you will see all my teeth-the molars and the premolars.

So how did you celebrate valentines day? And-am-asking……..butdoisay….

Clay Onyango.

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6 Responses to “So How Was Your Valentines Day???”

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I wasn’t really expecting anything……BUT…….i got them roses ….and-am-loving it!

This is better now clay…. Mmmm got lots of hugs and kisses from my so and sos…flowers from friends…nice txt messages etc…..

This is another commercialized day! Why must lovers wait for an entire year to show appreciation?..ok i got a card!

Wasnt even available on valentines day but the next I got was the surprise of my roses perfumes and lots of shoes from my hubby. Love u so much hubby thank u

I rebbelled against floweres from Naivasha. They couldn’t be more bloody. I retained my sactions on Liberian diamonds
I refused to support child labour in India by simply not buying any product from textile industry. I had no apitite on anti biotic genetically mass produced beef. An as a Maasaiwarrior, eating pig is the worst taboo one would break.
On the 15h, We sat down with my family and reviewed our account and compared with same time last year(before my eys
saw the reality of our universe)
I realized thta my wife and I were more in love than
today than last year same time when I bought her a 2 kilos of anti biotic mass produced meat, 1 kilo of piggy 29 red roses(I use to buy her roses
equivalent to her present age), lots of pairs of underwears from Kapahl and indiska, HM and NK.
I realized I only needed to trully see and feel my wife and kids. I refused to let my family be
commercialized by this horrible capitalists.
I realized I was a new person.

I got a beautiful card that my daugter had made herself at daycare and my wonderful, hot, sexy, loving man wrote me a poem about how much i mean to him and he bought me roses, a necklace and chocolate 🙂 he is just perfect… love you so much baby…

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