Raila Is Not A god!!!

Posted on February 12, 2008. Filed under: Butdoisay TRUE STORIES |

I would not mind to be ruled by Raila Odinga, and I suppose many Kenyans would not mind him as a President, but some Kenyans particularly some luos are viewing him as a god,  their minds have become numb, Its only Raila that matters, whether there is blood shed or clashes.

You mention any negative comment about Raila, they are offended and its war against you, Raila is a Kenyan just like Obama is a Kenyan with many different supporters. Raila has been both negative and positively criticized by both luos  and other Kenyan tribes, not because he is Luo but a Kenyan, just like Kibaki has been criticized by the Kikuyus  and other tribes….

His political beliefs and ideologies does not make him a god that when criticized, you become the target of war….

Dialogue is the main theme….we can have a positive dialogue or a negative dialogue without taking it personal, If Raila becomes the President today he is going to be in charge of all Kenyans and not only one particular ethnic group…….Dont think you know Raila better……”YOU ARE JUST A DUM TRIBALIST”…

I leave you with an sms text I received from my friend KARANJA in the USA, “today the Karanja family is going to vote for OBAMA, and there will be no Kalenjins, Kambas,Luos,Luhyas and Kisiis with matchets- this is what I call democracy“…you are right Karanja you are right…vote for Obama irrespective of his tribe , race or background…you are both Kenyans, thats all that matters…..butdoisay…

Clay Onyango.


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5 Responses to “Raila Is Not A god!!!”

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Raila actually thinks he is more similiar to Jesus and Mandela.

Marko 9:39-40
39 Yesu akasema, “Msimzuie, ye yote atendaye miujiza kwa jina langu kwani hawezi kunigeuka mara moja na kunisema vibaya. 40 Kwa maana ye yote ambaye si adui yetu yuko upande wetu.

Obama is not a Kenyan except for his partenal background. The US constitution requires that the president must be american, born in america. In this case, even Arnold Schwarzenegger can not become a US president, bacause he’s born in Austria. The Kenyans there irrespective of their tribe, are going to vote for him because of the CHANGE they expect him to bring, and partly because he has a Kenyan background. What you are trying to show is that other tribes can vote for a luo. Remember, luos voted fro Kibaki in 2002.

Am not a luo and i voted for Raila i do not
see him as a god but one who will bring change
and any negativity said about him offends me
just like the kikuyus feel about one of their
own. No one sees Raila as a god. And am ready
sacrifice for him. Funny thing is that he does
not even know that i exist. Your coleaque in
US is voting for Obama because he is a Kenyan
not a mzungu. Hope You get that. We are Kenyans
we voted for change and let peace prevail. Amen

Terwa mos.

for your information mr, we have God and not
god depending on ur defination, may be you are
referring to swedish “god”. We take you back
to 2002 and is heroic welcome in Thicka Stadium
after Kibaki won elections has this faded from
your memory? Kenyans voted for change and out
of the eight provinces look at the scoreboard.
ODINGA 6 – KIBAKI 2. Kikuyus are tribalists
not the Luos, Kikuyus only vote fir there own,
read the statistics. Why can’t you take a
minute and reverse the Luo’s as thinking Raila
as god, Kikuyus think of there own as MESIAH.
We want changeand power from the few rich old

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