Both Odm And Odm-Kenya Campaigned For Majimboism-Says Dan..

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Hi Milton, congrats for your ‘mzuri’ and realistic article. Most of your points are true regarding
the way the ordinary mwananchi is used by the politicians and dumped right after elections. However
i disagree with you by stating that it’s only ODM who campaigned on Majimbo platform.
Both the ODM, under Raila Odinga, and the ODM-K, under Kalonzo Musyoka, had also endorsed Majimbo (a plan
of ethnoregional decentralization), as has the Shirikisho Party, which is part of the PNU.

Under Raila’s majimbo or rather a devolved system of government’s plan , which follows the Bomas draft of the
proposed constitution of 2004, the nation would be divided into 13 regions, which in turn would be comprised
of a number of districts. Each district would have an elected government, a budget and a parliament. The central
government will be in charge of national institutions like armed forces, universities, national hospitals
and highways. So it’s therefore exactly the same kind of Majimbo ideology you know and belive in.
Raila expounded in several occassions that under their Majimbo system, NO ONE would be evicted back to their
ancestoral homes as PNU were scaring Kenyans.

The plan, however, had become a central point of opposition against Raila’s and Musyoka’s campaigns for the
presidency, as it is seen by the PNU, and as it was seen by the KANU government of Kenyatta, as a threat to
national unity and the return of ethnic violence to the country. PNU simply campaigned against Raila and Kalonzo
by confusing ignorant Kenyans to believe that they’ll be literaly evicted back to their ancestoral homes.

In reference to Kalonzo’s campaign website:, he defended the majimbo
system, saying it would not lead to evictions. “The majimbo we have in mind is that which people will live in peace
and that every region will have the right to decide and deal with its own issues as per the Bomas draft constitution,” he added.

I really wonder how respectable Kenyans like Muirani, Odera,Clay etc. missed this facts if at all they follow Kenyan politics.

I agree with you that the common Kenyan man has never contributed to the government policy and their political involvements ends when they vote the greedy politicians in. But i believe that true democratic principles should enable ordinary mwanainchi to elect leaders who listens and respects their will /wishes, hence vote them out if they fail to deliver on their promises, but it’s unfortunate this is yet to be achieved. Not Yet Uhuru….
Cheers Milton!!!!!!!

Dan For Butdoisay..

Butdoisay comment; Yes that is the correct meaning of Majimbo,but if an ordinary illitrate mwananchi that makes a high percentage of Kenyas population would ask you to define its meaning, dont you think he or she would misunderstand the meaning to mean that Kikuyus, Luos, Luhyas, Kalenjins etc should move back to their provinces? Kenyan politicians, Raila, Kalonzo and Kibaki should watch Obamas speech on you-tube and weigh their speeches before they deliver…MAJIMBO can only work in a country that has only ONE language like in the US……butdoisay


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3 Responses to “Both Odm And Odm-Kenya Campaigned For Majimboism-Says Dan..”

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Dan, Devolvement is one thing and rhetorical majimbo which is loosely used to mean regionalism is another.federal governments do function well and India which is a sun-continent is agood example.Majority of kenyans i do think would favour federalism to regionalism.

Milton wrote:

“as one of its major platforms”
“ODM was the only party that presented Majimbo as one of its major platforms in the election.

he didn’t say “it’s only ODM who campaigned on Majimbo platform”

I don’t think the gentlemen mentioned missed the facts. They only understood too well what was being offered. Now that we know what the people believed, and it resulted into killings, OPEN your eyes and stop seeing things selectively. That is what MILTON has done.

FYI: The rejected constitution also had similar if not the same devolution principles.

Jeuri, Milton clearly stated the following:
—-ODM was the only party that presented majimbo as one of its major platforms in the
election. Didn’t ODM-K also presented majimbo as one of its major platfforms?

He further states that, “According to ODM party leaders from areas that bore the brunt of ethnic
violence, majimboism means “kila mtu arudi kwao”. This in essence means that anyone
that was not a native of the a particular region would have to leave for their
“ancestral region”. Basically people would pack and go away leaving behind what they
know to be home with just the clothes on their backs.
IS IT TRUE?, if i may ask. I thought Raila and Kalonzo explained this well in may occassions.
Why would any ODM party leader think otherwise?

Whether federalism or devolution, there’s still an aspect of decentralisation.

Mr Jeuri, the rejected constitution and the Bomas draft is basically the same and has the same
devolution principles, except that the rejected constitution increased presidential powers

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