Does Your Husband Rape You?-TIME OUT-ORDER NOW!!!

Posted on February 9, 2008. Filed under: Butdoisay TRUE STORIES |

anti-rape device

Later this month, South African women will be able to purchase the Rapex device, marketed as the “anti-rape condom.” The rapex, shaped like a female condom, is worn internally and equipped with 25 teeth in its lining. The razor-sharp teeth fasten on the attacker’s penis if he attempts penetration. Since the device does no lasting damage to the attacker, it is completely legal and will sell for 1 Rand (around 14 cents) when it hits stores. The majority of women surveyed about the device said they would be willing to use it. Sounds great, except that rapists will just remember to check if their victims are wearing one. What women need is a form of nanobot delivered nerve-toxin that’s keyed to their, and their official lovers’, DNA, so that anyone who hasn’t been authorized gets knocked out for a few hours. Undetectable and efficient.The inventor of Rapex, South African Sonette Ehler, a former medical technician, got the idea when a traumatized rape victim lamented to her, “If only I had teeth down there.”

Butdoisay comment> Baba nani game over, I have requested them to add PILI PILI HOHO as an ingredient…..iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii….that hurts…….Ebony Order now, I have free samples in store. Delivery before he arrives home….dont hesitate…order now, free service on request… He can ONLY get it on your consent….butdoisay…

 Clay Onyango.


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4 Responses to “Does Your Husband Rape You?-TIME OUT-ORDER NOW!!!”

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I guess we’ll have to invent new—- no no no if i complete that sentence you’ll thik i’m a rapist or a sympathiser, i think we should crush all rapists nuts with Nyundos!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Unfortunately one can encounter a rapist anywhere at anytime so this means wearing the device 24/7/365 yawa…and of what use will it be if the rapist happens to check whether the victim is wearing one?! Some of this inventions…you just gatta shake your head! And what the hell is a nanobot? Btw pili pili hoho is not hot, maybe for you…lol

For those who have ordered,the delivery will come soon…good to know..your husband might have known of this gadget…and he might decide to test if you are wearing it or not,either by a carrot or a banana, so the best option is, if he reads butdoisay,disconnect the computer so that he does not read all these,and when you have the right time…INSERT…and harm the rapist!!!butdoisay…

Now thats what am talking about……..

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