Kibaki, Raila-“Strike A Deal Now Or Face The Hague”!!!!

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Strike a deal to end crippling crisis or else we intervene — that was the unambiguous message that the international community was sending to the PNU and ODM protagonists on Thursday.

The pressure came from the United States, the United Nations Security Council and the European Union, even as ODM leader Raila Odinga indicated that his side was willing to cede ground in mediation efforts spearheaded by former UN chief Kofi Annan for the sake of the country.

In Washington DC, members of a US Congressional Sub-Committee on Africa said Kenya was too important in the region and the world to be allowed to go the way of Rwanda and Somalia.

At the Wednesday meeting, the sub-committee warned that time was running out for “a Kenyan” solution to the political crisis.

From the Standard.

Butdoisay.Comment> The international community did not mention the consequences the 2 would  face but butdoisay guesses its the “HAGUE” . We do second the harsh words once again, there is nothing to compromise about, no-one is compromising with the suffering poor Kenyans, strike a deal now or face the Hague, there is no any other good option than this. Life imprisonment and some pre-chewed food is another good option says one of  the butdoisays lawyers. “Kenya is too important in the region and the world to be allowed to go the way of  Rwanda and Somalia”….SAYS THE WORLD….dont you understand this? We have no time to waste, we are tired of  seeing you two on TV screens enjoying fresh baked cookies with coffee,  wearing armani suits pretending to be striking a “no deal”. Whatever deal you two make at the moment,  Kenyans will never forgive you……and am saying!!!

Clay Onyango.


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6 Responses to “Kibaki, Raila-“Strike A Deal Now Or Face The Hague”!!!!”

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It’s not easy to strike a deal with a thief, IMHO how do you start? If clay stole my cow should i say,tafadhali clay chukua miguu, pembe, shingo na kichwa unibakishie engine, or what do you do??????

Woie.. Baba nani am so sorry for ‘Nani’ kwa sababu even after being given shingo na kichwa u’d still not know how to run the engine. Woishe, aki unaimagine ati that’s what Raila wants. Misguieded people it’s not the engine that runs the cow it’s the head. I’d hope you don’t run your life based on your stomach!!
On the other hand His excelency, Bw Lucy just needs the hooves and kenya is back online and of course Clay matumbo tu na kila kitu iko sawa, hoiye to a great mwanabiashara! Talk of great Leadership.
Leo ni friday pewa moja on me!

Baba nani u are strange who is a thief? All the
time a thief. We need peace not accusations all
the time get past it.

And then we grew up!!!!!!!!!

@ Aggi if your dad is a thief & he feeds you he can be your hero, and i’ll understand if you call him daddy, as for me i’ll keep calling a spade a spade, not a big spoon so live with it!!!!!!!!!!

Calling Mr. Kibaki a thief makes you feel good ah? Call him a thief till kingdom comes. We need the thief for peace so live with it. And Raila is a murderer and a witch. God help him. Teach the Guy how to speak like a man not like a boy.

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