How Would Kenyans Term Clinton And Obamas Tight Battle? RIGGING!!!! IKWALO!!MOISHI!!!OMWIBHI!!AMEIBA!!

Posted on February 7, 2008. Filed under: Butdoisay TRUE STORIES |

Hillary Clinton, John McCain and Barack Obama

Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are locked in a tight battle for the Democratic nomination after duking it out in more than 20 state contests on Tuesday. Obama and Clinton battled to a draw on “Super Tuesday,” with Obama winning 13 states and Clinton eight, including the big prizes of California and New York. Their delegate tally was almost even, propelling the fight toward the next round of seven Democratic contests in the next six days…..but as Kenyans would term it….Clinton is RIGGING since Obama is the underdog…..Kenyans!!!  think wise, learn from the democratic countries, candidates can be in a tight battle irrespective of race and tribe, meaning can have the same number of votes and still be at peace……”No matchets, demonstrations, burning of houses and offices”…..SHAME ON YOU!!…..butdoisay…

Clay Onyango

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4 Responses to “How Would Kenyans Term Clinton And Obamas Tight Battle? RIGGING!!!! IKWALO!!MOISHI!!!OMWIBHI!!AMEIBA!!”

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Yes but it would be something else if at this point clinton ran and swore herself in as commander in chief and then proceeded to use the police as her personal arm wing. Then utajionea waamerica wakiuwana worse than us. The only reason most of you guys living in this 1st world countries think these people are sophisticated and cannot kill each other mercilessly is because THEIR LEADER’S RESPECT THE PEOPLE’S VERDICT, once a leader refuses to listen to the people, i’m very sure your eyes can get opened in another way. What happened in Bosnia? wasn’t it a 1st world?

Vipi Baba, Bosnia has never been a first world…afadhali hata Kenya

Well done Clay with your civic education to our people.I will propose your name in the peace and reconciliation committee in Kenya.

I asked if Bosnia was a 1st world i didn’t say it was hence the question mark at the end there.1st world countries are not nececarily judged on wealth my Fellow kenyans? Botswana one of the richest countries in Africa is classified as a third world,Libya is very rich but!!!!!!!!democratically very poor hence 3rd world, what about the asian tigers, are they 1st world?????
Never say afadhali kenya unless you’ve actually visited wajir,lodwar and turkana and let me remind you they are part of kenya so they are kenya. Just because we are eating doesn’t mean our brothers and sisters are also eating!!!!!!!!!!

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