Why MP Were Was Assasinated…To Ignite Luhyas Into Killing Orgies?

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Kenya woke up to the sad news of the death of MP Elect for Embakasi, Melitus Mugambe Were. As all Kenyans of goodwill we send our condolences to his family and friends. It is always tragic to lose a beloved husband, father, son and a Kenyan who made his debut for Parliament in 2007 in such a heinous way calculated by people who you call friends and who will cry and wail most at your funeral. As a nation, and for his constituents, we shall never know the difference he would have made in Embakasi and in Kenya in general. May the almighty God gave his family endurance and may he rest in eternal peace. Our hearts pull for the family of the late Hon Were.Now to the matter of his death; Who is the MP , Hon Were, was little known in Embakasi politics, if you compare him to the heavier weights of the likes of Mwenje and Sumra, a Kenyan of Asian origin, who Kenyans saw battle it out, verbally and most of the time physically for the Embakasi seat. His death was crafted to gain political mileage in a brinkmanship style not witnessed in Kenya in a long time. He was a small fish that was easily expendable for the ODM to up the ante of their Orange Revolution. His second wife is also a Kikuyu, his death was crafted to ignite fires among tribes, instill fear in MPs, make the government defensive and if possible push it out.

Who would be the first suspect to kill the late MP? The crafters knew this would be placed at the door step of his ardent rivals, would it be Sumra, maybe, but definitely Mwenje. Why Mwenje? Let us take you back to a month ago. When the ODM war against Kenyans began, with the political school of Ruto, they targeted to kill the Kikuyus and most important, drive them away from RV, Western and Coast, then demand a re-election and ensure no PNU or affiliated candidate would garner 25% in these 3 provinces, add Nyanza to it and the candidate would have lost the presidency despite popular vote. For one month, Ruto has supervised the killing of Kikuyus and wanton destruction that has rivaled the battles Kenyans fought for independence. No one in the ODM camp came out to condemn the killing. After the initial skirmishes across various towns in Kenya, it became obvious that the genocide against Kikuyus was only being perpetrated by Ruto through his Karamojong militia. The Luos continued to fight, but their destruction was mainly concentrated on rampage to destroy infrastructure, their wanton killing of Kikuyus had subsided. Which other major group did not sustain the genocide and retreated back to rebuild their lives in realization that politics and politicians come and go, but poverty will remain if people did not work hard – the Luhyas. Therefore MP Were and his numbered days enter into the equation.

Why will Mwenje be a suspect? From last week, the country has witnessed the Kikuyus waking up to defend themselves and some fierce battles have been fought over the weekend. The full scale war is still between the Kikuyus and the Kalenjins with the Luos continuing with their demonstrations. All along the Luhyas have been quite silent, Mudavadi as the VP in waiting has not marshaled a lot of venom, the Luhya leaders have not urged their people to rise and kill the Kikuyus, and they had to be made to join the fray. It was therefore calculated to eliminate Hon. Were, he was little known, and quite expendable in the ODM genocide campaign of a revolution to grab power by whatever means necessary.
The brutal murder of the Hon Were the MP for Embakasi by ODM militiamen is aimed at achieving the following objectives:

1. Blame Mwenje – read the Kikuyus that they are killing the Luos and an MP of the Luhyas. Sources have confirmed that the ODM think tank knew it would be easy to blame Mwenje, he has not been known to be soft in the belly and has been rumored to use gangs to terrorize his opponents in the past in the slum areas. However, his ability, if he did, was only on the use of crude method of slum fighting using pangas and machetes and rungus, and not the sophisticated execution of an MP in an elite neighborhood of Woodley. This would shield the ODM perpetrators from scrutiny by placing the death squarely on Kibaki’s door step. That the president has invited ODM MPs for a meeting in Statehouse today, lends a lot of credence to this.

2. Inflame the Luhya who were the majority voters who voted the MP in, force them to join the killing orgies against the Kikuyus. Embakasi constituency’s composition is mainly PNU and affiliated parties supporters. It has over 247,000 registered voters. The major slums that traverse the constituency are: Mukuru, Sinai, Lungalunga, other densely populated areas are Dandora, Kayole, Ruai, Komarock, Umoja, Donholm, Embakasi area itself. The majority tribe here is the Kikuyus followed by Luhyas, a sizeable mix of Kambas as they border Kangundo and of course Luos. However, the PNU+ affiliates lost because of fielding many candidates and they split the votes as was witnessed in Kasarani as well. Thus the votes that the late MP got were mainly from the Luyhas who make the second majority. To the Luhyas, this was their MP in the city beside Gumo, his death is crafted to look like a continuing Kikuyu revenge and succeed in setting the Luhyas against the Kikuyus. The riots that have been witnessed attest to this.

3. The ODM power barons with the use of the media come out strongly as has happened and call it political assassination; inflame passions, locally and internationally. The timing is very apt with Kofi Annan trying to mediate an amicable solution. The ODM has felt it can hold international sway even with Kofi Annan as convinced by Raila’s spokesman, Salim Lone (remember he owned Viva magazine in the 1980s and the ensuing fallout with the then government) who was a Director of Communication in Annan’s administration in the UN and they personally got to know each other well after the bombing of UN offices in Baghdad. However, Mr. Annan is whole lot smarter than that as was witnessed by the political, managerial and administrative ability he exuded to steer the UN to great heights in his ten year tenure. He has successfully tackled more wily politicians that would make ODM machinery look like farex – baby food.

4. The late MP was a cheap target to eliminate, remember he is married to a Kikuyu, true sons of the lake do not marry thieves as Raila would like to remind Kenyans over and over again and especially not after 2007 general elections. On 24th December 2007, during Raila’s exit speech, he spoke in dholuo and forced Mudavadi to speak in Maragoli language. Amongst his hate speech to his people was to ensure they elected 3 piece in Nairobi, he wanted to have all his MPs in the City to carry out his ethnic cleansing even in Nairobi, which is perceived to be a Kikuyu stronghold. MP Were was elected, fair enough he is ODM, but another stronger man had lost, a closer ally of RO a staunch supporter who would die for him and who would execute his commands without a second thought. The man has displayed a lot of muscle strength and little acumen in brain power, he was a boxer and that is Rueben Ndolo. He lost the Makandara seat to PNU former Mayor of Nairobi, Dick Wathika. The loss was so tragic that when the returning officer announced the results, Ndolo woke and congratulated Wathika with a hard fist (boxed him) that connected his cheek. Ndolo was arrested and later released. Thus, even if Were was ODM, a stronger candidate and supporter had lost and a constituency had to be curved out for him by blood, to ensure ODM’s stranglehold of city affairs. Therefore exit Were, enter Ndolo into Embakasi.

ODM is not interested in mediation, reconciliation, peace and those other niceties and adjectives that civilized societies use. They are good students of revolution that sacrifice masses for their naked unbridled ambition to power. RO’s stakes to presidency are so high that we ask; who is the next on line????? Kenyans will continue to watch.

Dr.Abdallah Fatehali
Executive Director,
Communications and Public Relations
People Foundation, Inc,
Social Transformation Advocacy Group
775 River Oaks Parkway
San Jose, CA 95136


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2 Responses to “Why MP Were Was Assasinated…To Ignite Luhyas Into Killing Orgies?”

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Kikuyus, it’s not the Luos killing you…

There is disturbing news in the press that the Kikuyu may be starting to proactively attack the Luos. More disturbing, is that it appears that many of those who are involved in the fighting are smoking and sniffing tobacco leaves-that sounds very much like the re-emergence of the dreaded Mungiki who terrorized both Kikuyu and non-Kikuyu alike.

It is extremely important that you Kikuyu understand that it is not the Luos who are killing you.

It is extremely important that you Kikuyu understand that the initial violence in Kenya was no more than Raila Odinga’s second coup attempt.

Odinga has managed to a large extent to dupe the majority of the International Press, but now you are beginning to have high profile personalities question the truth of Odinga’s statements. The US Ambassador to Kenya, Michael Ranneberger , Human Rights Watch, and a man no less than Archbishop John Cardinal Njue have all openly declared that the violence has had nothing to do with the elections. Not only that, the rights groups have themselves said they have evidence to prove that it the opposition-Odinga and his men- who deliberately instigated the violence. You are begining to get serious-minded analysts who are questioning Odinga’s statements. Not the journalists from the West who so horrified Kenyan journalists by lamenting when the pictures of dead, burnt bodies with injuries did not turn out right; pictures they took in order to provide their newspaper’s readers Christmas entertainment. Those journalists were in Kenya on an entertainment industry job assignment and were not interested in determining the truth behind the violence.

So then, Kikuyu, why do harm your Luo brother who has lived peacefully beside you for more than fourty years?

You must understand very well that it is not that Luos who are killing you, but a group of people working for Odinga. You must understand very well that these people are probably working on the promise of high positions in the police and the military once Odinga successfully carries out his second coup attempt (assuming that it will succeed.) You must be observant enough to notice that Odinga’s plans may be starting to falter. You must be discerning enough to realize that Odinga may be running out of money to pay them. For example, you must be observant enough to note that after having chased the Kikuyu from Kisumu, those gangs are now starting to terrorize their fellow Luo tribesmen and extorting money from them-simply because Odinga is no longer able to pay them, or they have nothing better to do, or it’s what they do best.

You must understand that some of the re-newed clashes may be Odinga trying to keep the gangs distracted from attacking his fellow tribesmen in Kisumu as they demand their wages. You must understand that Odinga is doing this and hoping that you kill off as many of them as possible to destroy testimonial evidence that can be used against him in court to challenge the many of seats that his party rigged to win in the just concluded election by the use of violence. You must be discerning enough to realize that Odinga is smart enough to realize that the more of those of his privately-hired gang members who survive being killed, the more the testimonial evidence that there will be that can be used against him to legally disqualify him from being able to participate in any future election in Kenya for the rest of his life.

You must understand very well that it is not the Luos who are killing you, but the Luos version of Mungiki being sponsored by Odinga-the Taliban.

Why, O you Kikuyu, do you have to fall into Odinga’s trap? Why re-accept the Mungiki into your society after all they did to you? Why destroy your reputation?

Have some of you not done so well in business that you are not only the envy of every Kenyan, but the envy of many in the West? Have not the European Union, who have more than once brought the United States to its knees in terms of trade agreements adamantly refused to classify Kenya(read Kikuyu) as a developing nation in need because you have brought them to their knees?

Their farmers are no longer able to compete with your flowers, your horticulture, your coffee, your tea, your manufactured goods in the Export Processing Zones, your exported meats, your fruit, clothing and textiles, you name it. All methods that they have tried to block Kenyan goods entering Europe (e.g. the so called green house effect) have failed miserably, with your products remaining the most popular on the European market.

They are left with no other choice than to attempt to pass legislature restricting the amount of your produce and goods going into their countries, otherwise their farming industries will collapse. Many of you live a standard of living that many people in the west can only dream about and will never live in their life-time.

There is buzz on the international scene about your businesses on the Nairobi stock exchange, and especially about an upcoming stock offering that will be the largest ever in all sub-sahara: larger even than the largest ever offered on the great South Africa Johannesburg Stock Exchange.

And yet despite your high standard of living, your children failed to do well in the Kenya national school examinations in 2007. They did not do well because your children cannot study. But they failed because they were traumatized as the police fought and attempted to eliminate the Mungiki during the national examination period.

Can you imagine what it will be like if the Mungiki ever become part of an arm of the government of Kenya? They will terrorize you Kikuyu every day. Your children will perennialy fail their examinations. And when the Mungiki terrorize you more than you can take, you will flee from Kenya to other countries. But whether you flee to another African country or to the West, who will want to hire a Kikuyu who did not do his or her school well? ? Who will want to hire someone from a tribe whose region has the best facilities in Kenya a school has to offer, a standard of living enviable even to the west, and still fails their exams? It will be as distasteful as a white man begging on the streets of Nairobi. Instead, your children will become slaves in a country that is not their own-working for nothing, having no rights in a country that is not their own, but thankful to be alive rather than live in Kenya at the mercy of the Mungiki.

So why then are you accepting help from the Mungiki and using it’s members to chase your Luo brother who has lived peacefully beside you for over fourty years? Are you falling into Odinga’s trap and believe that the Luo would really kill the Kikuyu if the Odinga did not become the president? Is there not a saying in Kenya that when the Kikuyus and Luos do things together, they move mountains? Some of you are no doubt having a lot of business success because you have hired the scholarly Luos to help you design your products that you export. But can you imagine what it would do for your business if someone like, say, Dennis Oliech, wears a sports shirt with the logo of your company to the football world cup? Are there not innumerous examples of Kikuyus and Luos mutually benefitting each other? Why then accept the help of the Mungiki who, in addition to terrorizing you, may harm your Luo neighbour who may be key to your products not only ruling over Europe, but ruling the world? Why are you killing peaceful Luos who don’t care who is president, so long as they can live in a peaceful environment and put food on the table for their children?

Remember that the man who coined the phrase, “Let Raila and Kibaki fight! They are the presidents; we are just people!” is a Luo who is not associated with the Taliban.

More now than ever you Kikuyu have to help your Luo brothers. Odinga compromised himself by using violence to gain the numbers he needs as well as have a second go at a coup attempt. The man who coined that phrase is obviously in danger from the Mungiki because he is Luo. He is quite likely in danger from the Taliban, because the script Odinga uses of “angry Luos venting their frustration of injustice” has to be kept up if Odinga is to succeed in his second coup attempt.

Remember, for every member of the Taliban that you are able to capture alive, not only the more the evidence will you have to challenge Odinga in court with proof of violence used to rig in the just concluded elections, the more the living testimonial proof will you have to disqualify Odinga from participating in any general election in the future.

Remember that Odinga is hoping that you destroy any evidence(read, kill any Taliban member spilling the beans) that will prevent him from participating in any future election.

Be patient as Odinga continues to run out money to pay his thugs. They have already started terrorizing their fellow Luos. But most Luos are like most Kikuyu-they too have to sweat blood and water to put food on the table for their children. They will say enough is enough, and challenge the authority of the Taliban. Then they, the Taliban, will turn onto Odinga and forcefully demand for their wages. Do not be surprised to see Odinga betray the same people he payed to carry out post-election violence and ask the government for help in controlling the Taliban since they are disturbing the wanainchi.

At that point, they the Taliban, will realize that Odinga duped them and cannot carry out his promises of positions in the military and riches, and they will begin to offer their stories to the world.

Remember that the more the Taliban you can capture and keep alive, the greater the credibility that will be given to the stories of the other members of the Taliban who Odinga will betray later and in their frustration they tell the whole story of what they did.

Kikuyu, say no to help from the Mungiki.

Kikuyu, say no to attacking you Luo neighbour who has lived peacefully by you for over fourty years.

Kikuyu, say yes to every Luo not associated with the Taliban who seeks your protection.

Kikuyu, if you can safely do so without harm, assist any Taliban member requesting help give himself up to the police. They are your key evidence to challenging Odinga in court on the just concluded elections on several of the seats his party won. They are your key evidence to legally disqualifying Odinga from participating in any future general election in Kenya, or the East African Community for that matter.

By the time that this saga is all over, this will turn out to be another case of a Luo lawyer like Kajwang attempting to prove to the whole world that the Kenya Government is the most corrupt government in the world for offering the candidature of Ringera to head the the anti-corruption committee, while trying to hide the fact that the same Ringera disbarred Kajwang from practicing as a lawyer for stealing money from his fellow-Luo clients. Hopefully Odinga will be disqualified from participating in any future election for his role in sponsoring the post-election violence. And all Kenyans will return to living in brotherly love, and enjoying the peace they have had for over fourty years.

Let Odinga fall on his own. Don’t harm the innocent Luo.

John Smith

Nonesense propaganda, try solving the puzzle of state house being inhibited by a thief and his wife who is a muguruki 1st!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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