Some African Men Are Just Cowards!!!

Posted on January 30, 2008. Filed under: Butdoisay TRUE STORIES |


African men are just cowards, if you look at this picture, what would you consider the man holding the big rock to be? Coward !!!! How can he kill someone that he does not know? This is pure illiteracy and cowardness, we are so good in acting when we get this kind of  opportunity, but for example if you tell this man to do bungy jumping he will be like no I will die, if you tell him to go sking he wont-he would be risking his useless life, if you tell him to do scuba diving he will definitely shy off  and if  you tell him to climb Mt Everest….that would be like drumming for a goat, he does not understand the rythm, but if you tell him to hold a matchet or a stone to hit or kill his own, they react so fast in doing this……..

African men do not like doing what might put their life at risk, we jump too high if a rat passes beside us, we would not dare touch a snake or crocodile even if we have been assured that it is harmless, and non poisonous, take for example  Steve the crocodile hunter, why wasnt it Onyango the crocodile hunter, Ole ngais the crocodile hunter or Njoroge the crocodile hunter, its because we are cowards, all these animals are found in Africa but we dare not risk our lives in discovering them…but we are so good in taking our own peoples lives!!!!……..COWARDS COWARDS COWARDS……butdoisay…

Clay Onyango.


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2 Responses to “Some African Men Are Just Cowards!!!”

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We are not cowards, it’s just that we have lived with these animals long enough and now they are starting to rub on us their instincts.
PS:I won’t touch a snake or a crocodile because am not stupid enough to do so!!!!!!!
maybe we men should just do the noble thing and humbly hand in power to our women.I would gladly front Kaluki, she’s so principled, probably the only principled politician in kenya.

Hey i get your point my man but but the kind of
comparison your are making doesnt make sense.The
picture shows a Barbarian behaviour caused by NOT
cowardness. Otherwise how has ur day been. Long live the Kenyan People

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