My Heart Bleeds For Kenya!!!!- Says Paul Omondi

Posted on January 29, 2008. Filed under: Butdoisay TRUE STORIES |

Subject: This Violence must stop-the pix are badMy heart bleeds for this……We have to get this thing to a stop!!!!!! Talk to your
neighbor and or friend be they Luo, Kikuyu, Kalenjin, Kamba, Maasai, Luhya…..etc.
The more you talk the more you become tolerant of others views…….unless we talk,
this country will become desolate!!!! If Raila and Kibaki don’t fight whenever they
meet, why should you and me fight? And over what….do these two people, either of
them, bring you food at home when you are hungry……?
Please people we need each other let us talk to our neighbours and friends and open
up…..! Lazima tuongee!!!!
We can’t sit and hope all will be well….we’ve got to act and act now!!!!

Let there be an OUTBREAK of PEACE!!!! If there’s anything like that!

Paul Omondi


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One Response to “My Heart Bleeds For Kenya!!!!- Says Paul Omondi”

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My heart bleeds too Omosh. to think that u believe that talking alone will resolve the issues at hand, is simply naive if not utter blindness. This is no longer between MK n RAO, its about ppl on the streets whove been sillent for soo long hey want to be heard. Unless thir questions are answerd, am afraid we are bound for a long bumpy ride!! Were the elections rigged or not? Who actualy won them? Unles these querries are answerd and literaly translated to the common man’s language soo they can see it and realise they are either wrong or right? Their unrest is not going to stop. Food for thought, Kenyans are not used to being shot at. Trhe last few weeks ‘protesters’ have been dying by live bullets from the ‘police’. it wont be long before they get used to being shot at and put aside the fear for bullets. That my learned friend will be the beginning of the real insanity.

BTW: a ja alego…

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