UHCK Raises 240,000 Shillings In Bargamossen…

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United For Human Cause For Kenya had a fundraising yesterday in Bargamossen that raised approximately 250,000 shillings to be sent to help the post elections victims in Kenya. The fundraising was well attended and UHCK would like to thank the Kenya Embassy In Sweden and to all Kenyans and friends who contributed each and every coin that led to this gorgeous figures.

Before I go into more details regarding the occassion, I would like to pass a message to those who are still having a negative mind regarding this process, “a tragedy that does not affect you or your relatives is most of the time none of your business, you do not feel the pain at all”….meaning that since none of us in Stockholm have lost a close relative by this post elections  clashes in Kenya(and I thank God for that) its none of your business, but do not forget that,” “your time is coming when you would wish Kenyans in Stockholm to come to your rescue with smses beeping”…..not that I wish this to happen but one can never avoid it…..its the way of life.

There were very good speakers at the occassion, and we were reminded that those bleeding right now in Kenya are our families right now, and they do need our urgent support. By Samson from Uganda.

He also reminded us that what we need in Africa is to invest in good governance and not good politics, governers that would come together as leaders of a nation and not tribes….

He also noticed that we have differences amongst ourselves in Stockholm by holding different organisations that is to serve the same purpose of helping the clashes victims, we should unite as Kenyans here  first and involve ourselves in reconciling amongst ourselves….

Pastor Beatrice gave a touching speech too when she mentioned that the poor in Kenya have been promised empty promises and this could be one reason for these clashes, she also mentioned that tribes in Kenya are not the problem, the problem is the devil….who is jealousy since Kenya has been the frontline for peace in the region for many years…

Another speaker who moved the crowd was Tony Muraya, he said that words from our mouths are very powerful and evil sometimes, and can lead to evil doings and so on, we should always think before we utter them, in order to avoid some evil circumstances…

He also mentioned that he was impressed by Hon RAILAS comment: “WE SHOULD UPHOLD PEACE AND LIVE LIKE BROTHERS AND SISTERS”…

And to close the speeches… we were reminded that we are all one in Jesus christ and the lord, we will keep you updated to what UHCK is doing with  the funds raised…..once again CONGRATULATION UHCK……May God bless you all….butdoisay..

Clay Onyango.


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6 Responses to “UHCK Raises 240,000 Shillings In Bargamossen…”

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Congratulations UHCK for a job well done. In times of crises like these, and especially one of a political nature, it is encouraging that you can find common ground, and come together as one. ALL KENYANS have been either directly or indirectly affected by the ongoing clashes ; you have to have a heart of stone not to be. It is in the same spirit that you should promote healthy discussions regarding the political impasse in Kenya so that everyone can bear a sense of inclusion.
Congratulations once more for the efforts made by Kenyans – You will definitely go a long way, in the right direction.


Clay stop attacking those who did not attend the fundraising.
There are more than 300000 pple misplaced in Kenya, over 800 have lost their lives, tell me, this 250k, that was raised, who would it benefit?.
Do u plan to send it to a particular group in Kenya, or who is going to rcv the money?.
I personaly did not attend the function, I decided to send my contribution to redcross instead (monthly contributions) I had heard that this money was to be sent to redcross, so I felt that I could as well send my contribution directly to them. Does that make me less Kenyan???. I later heard that the money collected was to be sent to be sent to a particular Pastor.
I think we need to be realistic here.

and where did i attack those who did not attend? Please quote me…read my article and understand it,you did good if you sent it to Red cross,and we are also proud that u did not attend but you sent it…but please dont put words in my mouth…
and you dare even ask whom the 250000 shillings will help,what about the 200 kr or less money you sent to the red cross…maybe it will just pay for their administration fee or maybe buy tissues for their offices…why do you make me feel this is VASAs pub propanganda….UHCK WILL STILL OVERLOOK THEM, COZ WE HAVE A MISSION….butdoisay….

Oh, lemmi quote you…forget that,” “your time is coming when you would wish Kenyans in Stockholm to come to your rescue with smses beeping”.
Kindly get me right, I do not by any chance opose the fundraising, raising money is a choice and NOT an obligation,Kenyans, friends and sympathizers have express
freedom to participate and contribute to fundraising if the so wish. And I comend UHCK for their effort. I eplained why I did not attend.
regarding Red cross….isn’t that what some of the organisers used to lure pple into attending the fundsdrive.
I heard that the money was to be sent to red cross….

I meant those who have negative minds about the whole process dear…this is what I said,
“I would like to pass a message to those who are still having a negative mind regarding this process”.
I agree with you its a choice and not an obligation…and not everyone would make a good choice like
you did, but speak negatively and do nothing about the situation and thats what I meant..so lets
chill….take it easy and thanks once again..

Just while you guyz(i won’t name you today)thought this was a luo-kikuyu issue? try looking at this dimension, and ask yourself why it all started in RV!!!!!!!!

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