Let Peace Prevail In Stockholm Too-Lets Give It A Chance!!!

Posted on January 26, 2008. Filed under: Butdoisay TRUE STORIES |

Osewe to Olengais:If you have a personal war with me, make it personal!! 

Ole Ngais: >By MODEREK not attending the UHCK fund raising, you clearly telling us that you don’t trust us, you don’t trust that the money will be used on intended purpose or you are simply ignoring possibilities of us shortening the process of change in our society. I don’t think you are confused as Mwaura put it the other day.

Let me repeat my point in another way. You are the secretary of this organization UHCK which sent an invitation the other day. Are you personally responsible for the content of this letter or is it the Committee which answers? MOREDEK has simply called for a discussion between the groups before any joint work. What is wrong with this? You have gone far to allude that MORODEK does not trust the fund destination. Don’t you think that MOREDEK members have a right to engage at the discussion level on this kind of issues?

I personally invited you and Samson to the Sunday meeting last week by talking to you on the phone, the same meeting where decisions were taken. You did not show your faces. The discussions were open and you could have been there to listen to the arguments. Now, you are attacking me personally and trying to hold me responsible for a decision which was taken at a well attended meeting.

If you have a personal war with me, make it personal. But don’t mix MOREDEK with Osewe as a person. I know how you operate. Stop personal provocations because we are all in deep mourning.

This is not the time for cheap publicity.

On Jan 26, 2008 1:36 AM, Saidimu Ole Ngais wrote: > > > > > > > > > > > > Brother OSEWE, > > Although you might be quick in attending a war fare with double the imposed > force, I would like to share with you the fact that when an emergency > situation hit a country, political differences are put aside. > > (I) am taking it personal, though. There cannot be harmony if we fail to > actively attend our coherencies. Mr. Osewe, the political affair in Kenya is > not just simple logics consistency, particularly when you are to make an > important decision.>>

BUTDOISAY COMMENT:Please observe that I wont publish any abusive comment regarding this article…..lets preach peace and attain a healing process instead!!!.Both writers are innocent until found guilty by Stockholm community…….butdoisay..

 Olengais the Masai warrior.

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well well u wish and make a wish good luck my buddy,the world is wathing again make awish

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