Kisumu City A ghost Town…

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While some people see a tribal element in the destruction to me Luos are not bad, Kikuyu are not bad. The high voltage politic that was played before the December 27 general election is to blame. In particular the two leading political parties never spared a chance to tell their enthusiastic followers that they can loose the election. No safety valves were put to cushion voters on such an eventuality. When the day of reckoning came the news of a defeat was like thunderbolts. Had any one cared to put our citizen on notice that a win is a win for entire country destruction of property loss of human life, eviction of a certain ethnic community could not have happened. What we are now witnessing is like a new breed of crooks not because they are poor but because anarchy is what they want. High turn out of nominee for the parliamentary seat for ODM and PNU parties is also to blame. While PNU crafted for an option for the losers in the primaries to vie on PNU friendly parties ODM promised the losers jobs in the government once they come to power. The result, the promised went to campaign for the party unaware that voter for the party were to come from a distinctive number of its supporters and the numbers could not have improved by the campaigning. They exhausted the ODM vote rich ground and started following the incumbent wherever he made a pitch. After the election and the reality being that the party is not near statehouse lease of tenancy documents, excuses and looting with destruction of property to erase their footmarks is the order of the day. The leadership of ODM has to come out clearly and tell their supporters THE TRUTH that even if there is poverty looting of other people is not the way out but working hard and applying ones brain in a positive way. Being able to clearly see were your potential is and seeing the bigger picture of opportunities that are coming. The majimbo that were promised are not the panacea to poverty because even in developed countries that practice federalism there are poor people .Many are stealing for the sake of stealing, not for political gain and to satisfy the long held belief that a majority of certain community are well to do because they stole. The truth of the matter is that they are naturally enterprising and eviction from certain region will only serve as an eye opener to better potential area in the world. Today there are rumors that though their properties have been destroyed they are laughing to watching how their tormentor can be low thinking to destroy the very place they work and show up after two weeks to work
“It is tragic, it is wrong, but what do you do when you cannot provide political, economical and social guidance for your supporters? From whichever direction one approaches it, Kisumu is a city in ruins. From the city centre through the industrial main road and the usually bustling Kondele, Kisumu is an eyesore.
Protestors stormed the town in fury, burning buildings and stealing.
Looters broke into banks and destroyed ATM machines, three supermarkets, rice go down, and other buildings in the town centre.
The looters marched from one shop to the other, breaking display windows and doors with metal bars.
At 3pm, a day before New Year’s Eve a dark, smoke spiralled into the sky. Deafening explosions rocked Kisumu as gas cylinders exploded. The city was on fire.
As the first building, a supermarket fell the looters began the second phase of destruction. They vandalized, stole and burnt petrol stations. One man was burnt beyond recognition after a gas cylinder he tried to steal exploded.
They will destroy their own house while when it is clear that torrential rains are inevitable. Kisumu economy was picking pretty fast but it will certainly take more than 15 years to bring it back to where it was. In other words the destruction was 15years backwardness. Who know if even now people have seen the Light?
Are you aware that the president was to inaugurate multibillion projects a week before the general election and it was postponed?

By Fred Nganga


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4 Responses to “Kisumu City A ghost Town…”

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Jaluo Jinga……butdoisay..

I guess when i get really angry next time I’ll burn down my house. I still don’t get it.

na sasa wanasema its musevenis army that initiated that carnage.Sio kwa ubaya but i hope it takes longer to reconstruct for those people to learn the lesson well.

Spoken like a true GEMAN

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