We Luos Need Another Luo Leader- Not The Odingas!!

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I have been soul searching which way forward as a Luo community. The just
concluded election as a community we organized and supported Raila as we
have always done. But I knew things won’t go well when Raila used the
tribal card as his main campaign tool where he turned other tribes against
Kikuyu in order to defeat Kibaki. I found that irresponsible because at
any time it could bring bloodshed.

I am from Ugenya constituency and most constituents wanted Stephen Okoth
because Orengo once elected stays in Nairobi never comes back. So we
wanted somebody who will be with us as a community. The Raila machine
rigged Orengo in and that was the end of the people’s choice. Raila did
not talk about rigging then why is he speaking about it now. When Orengo
went against Raila he was rigged out but when he supported Raila he was
rigged in. So I have come to realize that Raila is not about justice or
democracy or common man he is about power.

I think it is time as a Luo community we start supporting another family
we have been supporting the Odinga family for over 50 years but we have
nothing to show for it. Every government comes along they rub it the wrong
way and we had to stay in the opposition all this time. When Kenyatta
offered Odinga the Vice Presidency he continued to attack the government
and even went ahead and started his own party when he was just a heart
beat away from the presidency and I think that was very stupid. Kenyatta
appointed Moi and Moi was an example of what Odinga would have done, he
remained royal to Kenyatta and he finally got his reward. After Moi became
president he invited Odinga to join his government. Odinga started
bragging that Moi could not lead without him. Moi heard it and dropped him
like a hot potato.

When Raila said tosha to Kibaki all he needed was to continue to be royal
to Kibaki and probably when Wamalwa passed away he would have been made a
VP but just like his father he started attacking the government from
inside and he was eventually kicked out. Now Kibaki would not want to hear
of him in the government because he is a headache.

What has been polarizing even among us as a community without knowing is
that the Odinga family has been portraying a communist image, a man of the
people or the people’s president but the family is as capitalistic as any
one can get. The fact remain the family is one of the richest in Kenya
through the gas business, entrepreneurship which they have failed to lead
us into. I was surprised when Raila informed us that we can grow coffee in
Nyanza. I asked myself after 40 years since every other community who
could grow coffee has grown it is the time Raila is talking about it?

Fellow Wajaluo it is time to give another family a chance, the Odinga
family might have charisma but they don’t have the wisdom to lead us as a
community where we want to go. Look at Oburu he sleeps for 5 years and
then get elected almost unopposed as if he owns Bondo constituency just
because his name ends with Odinga. Now compare that with all the work Tuju
did for Rarienda but because his name does not end with Odinga he was
thrown out or rigged out.

We have also to think again on how we conduct ourselves as a community,
since independence the Kikuyus have change their royalty from Kenyatta,
Matiba and then Kibaki. We are the only people who have been stuck with
one family. If we have been held by a spell we need to get rid of it, we
cannot keep backing the same family for a whole century. When Matiba was
rigged by Moi in 1992 did the Kikuyu people riot and loot and burn
Murang’a? No. In 1997 when Moi rigged Kibaki did the Kikuyu in Nyeri riot
loot and burn businesses? No. We have to think again and abandon this type
of leadership which radicalize the youth with nothing to offer. We are
suffering now in Kisumu because most of the stores are either looted or
burned now who is going to suffer the Kikuyu, the Kisii or Luo? Jaluo. The
Kisii too have done away with Nyachae they have changed their loyalty. The
Kalenjin have changed their loyalty from Moi they have refused to stick
with his sons so we need
to wake up.

It is time to support a progressive leader who people can disagree with
without being stoned who can lead Luo people in doing business, in doing
farming and in wise politics. By wise politics I mean a person who knows
when to oppose and when to cooperate. Opposing all the time is stupid and

Stephen Ochichi


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8 Responses to “We Luos Need Another Luo Leader- Not The Odingas!!”

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Hmmmm Food for thought…..


It is indeed some insight for our brothers and sisters in Luo land. You had and have some prominent men and women of integrity in leadership circles. I admired late Dr.Ouko and I know he is one man that would have transformed Kenya. Raphael Tuju has delivered as well. Julia Ojiambo and many others.God needs to lead you to the right person. Majority of our luo community are the brain boxes in the academic world. Every community has its own gifting. May be Ochichi is right..

Maybe if Ochichi translates all that in Luo will i buy that he is a Luo. Truth be told he has some strong points but, i’ll be hard pressed to produce a Luo who can back Kibaki especially after this elections and what he’s doing in Nyanza. Oh except Tuju and he is the thief’s biatch, kind of like T blair was Bush’s biatch. Biatches don’t count!!!!!!!!!

Ochichi, if I have read you correctly, you are actually celebrating spineless sycophancy! So if only Raila had been loyal to Kibaki and not spoken up on the wrongs in govt then he would have been rewarded just like Moi was rewarded by Kenyatta and then maybe also he who would have replaced Wamalwa as VP by Kibaki. Shame on you my brother! You cant be a luo! The ones I know are men of honour! All Kenyans want leaders who can stand up for us, not sycophants. Be he whatever tribe, I would be proud to vote for & be led by a principled man, not a bootliker! Raila Tosha!

BUTDOISAY COMMENT. The writer is also known as MUKAMI, but not from Sweden. I baptise her in the name of RAILA TOSHA to MUKA london…to differentiate the 2 mukamis.

Thank you Mukami!!!!!!!!!!

Mukami, i agree with your sentiments but not 100%.kenyans should read between the lines, look around and smell the blood and teargas; and simply refuse to put up with the mess we’ve been lead to. The martin luther or messiah, if you wish, to deliver kenya is yet to be spotted..right now, we’ve leaders who careless whether you’re alive or not; for them what matters is the top job.
PS: Both of them rigged at the end of the day,’demonstrating for justice’ is loads of crap!

Well said Sybil…

Ochichi seems to be tired of the yoke him and his tribsmen has been made to carry,thanx 2 this medium.
As of now The so called luo leaders are politicking
trying to use any means in the book to get atleast a post to help them offset the debt they incurred during
campaign, but where r the wise leaders they r launching free secondary education,they are thinking of how to rebuild the torched economy altogether.
I concur with ochichi,a little loyalty with save
Luos.I suggest we get many to cross the line and not mind the name they’ll call him,but join the lot of peole with the people’s needs at heart.Ondingas want just to push their business ahead,get oportunity for family and friends and business associates but if luos think is fighting for their welfare then ur misguided.
Finally Change your loyalty and dont be opposing for the sake of if oppose when it is resonably necessary

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