United For Humanitarian Cause For Kenya (UHCK) Fundraising -26 JAN 08

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On the 26 January Time 1400 hrs will be a day when Kenyans in stockholm should put their differences aside and remember the church that was burnt in Eldoret, with 35 men, women and children inside, and remember the victim that was seen on Tvs Live coverage being killed by pangas, and remember the MOURNING mother who was struggling to put the  dead daughters lips shut after being shot dead by the Kenyan police, and remember the displaced Kenyans in Nairobi who never thought they would loose their properties through their own neighbours whom they have been living with for ages, and remember the 10 year old boy that was also shot in Kisumu and of course remember the two Kenyan teenagers in Kisumu who were shot dead by the police, as he shouted to the friend “NIMEENDA”(I AM GONE) and kicked by the cop even though they were lying on the ground dead,

If truly, you believe you are a patriotic Kenyan regardless of your tribe and political Party, join UHCR stockholm in fundraising for these innocent victims at Bargamossen Church on the 26 January Tel info 0736779031. This is not a Religion, Political or tribal fundraising as it might be potrayed by others but a dedication to give support and love to our dear Kenyan victims regardless of their tribe or party…..put politics aside on this day…..butdoisay…

Lets copy this example:

“Atieno (A Luo) was unwell and could not queue for relief food brought by Good Samaritans(Luhyas,Kambas,Kalenjins,Swedes). Were it not for Mama Chiku (A Kikuyu), her friend of many years who brought some mandazi for her children, they would have slept hungry”. …come with this spirit…Kenyans are not tribal!!!!

Clay Onyango.


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12 Responses to “United For Humanitarian Cause For Kenya (UHCK) Fundraising -26 JAN 08”

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Funny joke, we can’t come together to speak the truth and criticise Kibaki for stealing an election, yet we are supposed to come together and raise funds??????? God bless you all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
a hypocrite is one thing i’ll never be…….

@Baba nanii…..You shouldnt be biter!!!Somebody is trying to climb to the top of the mountain, at the cost of Kenyans in the midst of death & darkness.The Kenyan state is powerless and has failed to protect its people!!! Now, it is Survival of the Fittest.

Aii Zip…is this coming from you…why dont you and baba nani be the international observers on this day….come observe and dont contribute but just watch, listen and ZIPPP…while we are contributing…by the way i have already contributed 500 as agreed as my contribution and I am not bitter..who knows maybe it will help one of your relas down there….butdoisay…

@Hi Clay! I really appreciate your invit, now that i will be one of the observers, THIS IS A CHALLENGE, but i will be there.

thanks zipp..

From a so called doctor just before election,

Following Kenya’s 1982 coup attempt – to overthrow Moi’s government – whose Ringleader was Raila Odinga, the Moi agents took things a bit far and castrated Raila (and forcefully circumcised him too!). Rather than kill him, they reckoned that they were being kinder by taking this action.
Following the above, Raila, who neither smokes nor drinks has put all his energy into politics with the aim of getting to the top, something he is quite obsessed with. Indeed his energy seems boundless. Unfortunately, he is also a very dangerous person. Moi knows this and always cringes at the thought of a Raila presidency. Personally, I understand Raila’s mind very well since I was his personal counselor during the years following the above events while practicing psychology.

Moi’s fears are not unfounded! Many of the government officials of that time (1980s) are not safe either. I also fear for other Kenyans in general. Reason being that Raila is determined to avenge his pain, his shame and his loss of manhood. This has been his singular motivation and drive since those days.

I have no apologies to make for enlightening Kenyans on the above facts since I believe the world has no place for another Hitler. Your country is too wonderful to be exposed to a deranged mind like Raila’s in the form of a leader. We Germans are still living with the infamy of the first Hitler.

Please think seriously about your country’s future and make the correct choice in the coming General Election. In the years to come, you cannot claim that you were not otherwise forewarned.

Also kindly pass on this message to as many Kenyans as possible for the good of your own country. God bless you.

Thanks clay for positive info all through. The organization is UHCK not UHCR. God bless

If i attend i’ll be embracing Evil which will make me evil, so no thanks!!!!!!!!What criteria will you be using to decide who gets the cash? those fighting for their rights and suffering from the illegitimate government or those who have been targeted because of voting for the illegitimate government?
What’s up mama nanii? long time no hear!!

@baba nani..the latter regardless of who/what they voted for.We are not in a position to know who/what they voted for, but the fact remains some of the attacks were senseless…

This is a response to “aggi” and like-minded people.
I’m very sorry to tell you, but you are sooo SHALLOW. Any sensible person would agree with me, that it’s RAILA efforts that we Kenyans including martha karua, mungatana, kalonzo etc enjoys the democratic space we’ve had before kibaki just ruined it. Koigi Wamwere once dismissed Raila’s critics when Raila’s book “enigma of an African statesman” was released. The book revealed the role Raila played during the coup’82, and these critics demanded that Raila be arrested and charged with treason. Koigi told Raila’s critics to shut the f**k up, in any case they should be thankful to RAILA for the democratic space they enjoy today. Wangaari Maathai said that these critics are people who had no courage to oppose an oppressive regime, but are now beneficiaries of RAILA’S efforts.
Aggi, you seem to support Moi, but forget the fact that when Kibaki took over in 2002, Kenyas economy was ruined to its knees. The kroll report that Kibaki has failed to act upon, reveals that Moi, his sons, biwott, kulei and other top loyal government officials stashed away at least Ksh. 30 billions in overseas banks. Are you happy about this? The states of the Kenyas roads are pathetic, many Kenyans still lack clean drinking water, and lack of drugs in hospitals and the list is endless. It requires a courageous and a patriotic person like RAILA to strongly oppose this corrupt regime, in contrast to people like kibaki, kalonzo, michuki, saitoti to just sat and watched because they concentrate more on what they could/can personally benefit and not what can benefit the entire country.
As for pro-Kibakis, let me state clearly that your support for mr.Kibaki lucy is baseless. How do you personally or the common poor Kikuyu benefit? Remember the following.
-The circle of influential Kibaki friends include Defence Minister Njenga Karume, Nairobi university chancellor Joe Wanjui, and big time investors Nat Kangethe, Joseph Kanyago and Nick Wanjohi are multi-millionaires who have vast business interests in commercial agriculture, real estate, tourism industry and transport industry. During President Kibaki’s five-year term, it is argued that their business interests have grown considerably. A key area being pointed out as their core business is the active Nairobi stock exchange.
Political analyst Haroun Ndubi argues that their hardline political positions are intended to protect their economic gains.
“They have realised good profits during his rule and letting go to an individual they do not trust sends a chill down their spine,” argues Mr Ndubi – who is also a human rights lawyer.
So please dear Kenyans, These Mt. Kenya Mafias do not care about you, but their business empires. Don not support someone for who they are but for what change they promise to bring. If they don’t, vote them out. Kenya would grow faster than you know it. RAILA’S dream is that “He hopes for the time when Kenyans will not be judged by their tribe but by content of their character.

You see Clay when Mukami say’s you will be raising funds for the ‘latter’,she takes the bite from my hook & that tells you why some of us cannot attend because we feel we should help those fighting for their rights, and dying for the cause,( would’ve been better to just say you are raising funds for Kenyans) so every man for himself and God for us all!!!!!!!!!

Madam President, do you sincerely mean the latter and not all Kenyans? Guess at this point I need to urgently get back to my life, and of course my Cause! Good luck Kenyans

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