Njoro On -“Butdoisay Hard Talk”-Calls Other Kenyan Tribes DOGS???

Posted on January 18, 2008. Filed under: Butdoisay TRUE STORIES |

Fellow Kenyans and friends of Kenyans. It’s ‘getting hot’ in here but fortunately for all the right reasons. It’s these kinds of debates and discussions that will eventually bring about the much thirsted for reconciliation, the road to peace for our beloved nation.

Now, a Kenyan has misinterpreted by ignorance or intentionally to incite, a phrase that I used in the article “Nothing Personal”. For the sake of Mr. KAMAU PAUL and others like him who got offended by my using of the phrase ‘call off his dogs’, I have decided to UNCONDITIONALLY withdraw the offending word ‘dogs’ and replace it with ‘mob’ (meaning a group of people). I ask that Clay will also re-edit the article and replace the word on butdoisay UNCODITIONALLY for the sake of Ukenya.

Truly truly I say to you, that the word ‘dog’ as used in the phrase does not literally mean the named canine. I thank NYAMS who was quick to mention this and for providing a link that further explains the meaning and the usage of the phrase.

I also UNCONDITIONALLY, sincerely apologise to all Kenyans who got offended by the phrase, it was not intentionally meant to abuse. It is said that to apologise is not a weakness, and I thus do so in the hope that others who have offended Kenyans will ‘follow suite’ and do the same for the sake of peace. ‘Sweeping things under the carpet’ will definitely not bring back the Kenya we miss. We must accept and apologise in order to ‘patch up’. It is said that a man (or a woman) without remorse has no character. Am not ashamed of anything.

BABA NANI, I remember that in our last debate last year the only thing we could agree on was not to agree. Same applies here, I still preach peace but on ‘my fight’ for peace I also identify the enemies of peace. My ‘war for peace’ is directed to them. I will not see a ‘spade and not call it a spade’ to maintain my language for peace while things are ‘falling apart’. While I say Raila has the power to stop the violence an indeed embark on “peaceful demonstrations ala Gandhi”, am talking about peace and democracy. Even if he is not the president he has the power to control his mob (supporters).

Raila could ‘win more hearts’ if him and the rest of ODM members and supporters demonstrated the real meaning of the word peaceful. Riots started way before the electoral commission announced the results. When things escalated turning our beloved country into a battle zone, into genocide and ethnic cleansing, and Mr KAMAU it was that, the law had to ’step in’. Call it Kibaki or GSU, the police cannot just watch while innocent men, women and children are mercilessly and cold bloodedly killed. I will not sit around while I see my people Kikuyus, Luos or Kalenjins being systematically murdered and not say or do something about it. We must not let Kenya become ‘today’s Rwanda’ by our denial. Someone must be held accountable if peace, love and unity will be re-achieved.

My report was directly as carried on through Hard Talk BBC for the whole world to watch. It is not my fault if Raila ‘failed to score’. Just don’t expect everybody to shut up about it. Fellow Kenyans we obviously have taken sides on this one but as we do so, we must also identify unbiased, the hindrances on the way for peace.



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4 Responses to “Njoro On -“Butdoisay Hard Talk”-Calls Other Kenyan Tribes DOGS???”

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The first step in the acquisition of wisdom is silence, the second listening, the third memory, the fourth practice, the fifth teaching others.
Solomon Ibn Gabriol

A mistake is not one if not repeated.
I was sure My brother and closest Njoro of My Expression would never assault his fellow Kenyans by using an inflammatory term. I was sure my brother was applying idiom.

Anything you say or write can be and will be used against you and in particular this time around. I appreciate that my loving brother rectified that little unfortunate use of expression in order to advocate peace love and unity.

Things happen by reasons, life is not just a chaotic scenario. I hope others will follow Njoro’s way.

English is not our/my second mother tongue. Thank God!

Peace be with you!

Peace and unity for Kenya.

Njoro! I wish to agree and disagree with you as follows: –
– I agree with you for calling for peace and justice for the sake of our loving country.
-I disagree with you when you categorically say that Raila has the power to control his mob. Remember, Raila always calls for a peaceful demonstration, but has no control over those vandalising, looting or killing others. You simply fail to understand the fact that these very angry Kenyans have been robbed off their human and democratic right to choose who to lead them. I condemn the killing of innocent Kenyans countrywide, and you cannot blame ODM for this, but Kibaki and PNU for rigging the elections. There have been winners and losers in the past elections, but never experienced this kind of violence. Ask yourself why! Remember, these angry Kenyans went queuing for 5 – 7 hrs to cast their vote as from 2am then it later turned out that their time was a BIG WASTE after learning of the rigging. Anyone would explode either physically or psychologically. Do you remember the peaceful demonstration by women ODM supporters last week? The police shot teargas at them that sent the fleeing for their lives. Who is to blame in this case? Do you remember the brutal shooting and killing of peaceful demonstrators this week by the police/GSU? The illegitimate government of kibaki is to blame for all this for giving these unlawful directives. These people were simply demonstrating their democratic right of assembly and expression as clearly stipulated in the constitution.
You simply or intentionally fail to address the cause of this chaos. I wish to reiterate one important fact one bright Kenyan mentioned in the blog, that those calling for peace without a justified solution are meaning ‘CALM’. PEACE go hand in hand with TRUTH and JUSTICE. You and those calling for CALM won’t solve the problem.
If kibaki and PNU get away with this, then the rigging trend will most definitely continue in the coming elections. And who’ll waste their time going to vote? What kind future will Kenya have?
GOD BLESSES KENYA. Let us love and respect one another and live in peace and harmony. Check out the inspirational hit song by combined Kenyan musicians – ‘Wakenya pamoja’ in the Youtube. That is the Kenya we want. ONE tribe thinking they are better than others will only create animosity and hatred amongst us. SHUN TRIBAL POLITICS.

Thanks a lot my friend Njoro for correcting the mess. You Know a Dog has only one meaning. A DOG is A DOG and not an Idiom.

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