If Kibaki Wants To be Remembered As The 3rd President-HE HAS TO RESIGN!!

Posted on January 18, 2008. Filed under: Butdoisay TRUE STORIES |

Martha Karua said the other day…”If Raila becomes the President she would resign”…and this young Kenyan lady says….”If Kibaki does not step down since she believes he rigged and he does not step in to cool down the tensions,whether the results were rigged or not”……”lets divide this country then”…she voted for Raila even though she is not a luo and she believes that she voted for a change…..she also mentions..this is not an ethnic problem but a political problem….BIG UP…Click on the Tv to watch>….


Clay Onyango


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3 Responses to “If Kibaki Wants To be Remembered As The 3rd President-HE HAS TO RESIGN!!”

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Don’t mess with someone fighting for his or her rights, remember Rosa Parks??????

The problem with Raila is that he is too hypocrtical and a liar. why do he always advise us Luo’s to follow him when he knows he is not development consciencious. i will vote for Kikuyu next time, they seem to have an interest of the nation. We Luo’s back to the books and become lawyers and doctors, Kikuyu’s needs them in their company’s as CEEo’s

Aketch oketch feel free to use your real name, i can tell you are a kiuk by the way you have your tail between your legs while impersonating a Luo. I can also understand you for supporting General Kiguoya by the way he is afraid to face the public and u are afraid to state your tribe. feel free and be proud of who you are butdoisay!!!!!!!!!!!!

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