Raila On BBC Hard Talk-Nothing Personal!!!

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Mr Raila Odinga, Kenya’s opposition leader claimed that there is nothing personal between him and president Kibaki. Asked why there was no communication between him and Kibaki when they met in parliament, he said Mr Kibaki refused to greet him when he passed by. Worth to note, Mr Odinga did not stand when the president elect entered the parliament. Nothing personal indeed.

Asked if he supported the slogans used by his supporters e.g. Kibaki in a coffin with the inscriptions RIP, No Raila No Peace, No Raila No Kenya, he tried to interpret that as a message that Kibaki’s time as the president was over. Pushed further, he seemed to lack words and says then that they had no control of what messages people choose to put forward. Nothing personal.

Then came the question every one wants answered. ODM supporters burned a church full of women and children. His explanation? The attackers were chasing some people who ran into the church to seek refuge; they did not know that there were women and children in the church when they set it on fire. (We have all heard of the kid who ran out of the church only to be thrown back into the burning church). He means, burning of the church with a few people seeking refuge, or with the unfortunate occurrence of women and children being in the church is acceptable. Did the people in the church just by accident happen to be of Kibaki’s tribe? He did not at all seem to regret the burning. Nothing personal.

Doesn’t mass demonstrations in Kenya at this fragile stage mean more blood and more destruction? answer “no ours is a peaceful demonstration” Why would anyone carry stones, block roads and burn tires to say the least in a peaceful demonstration? Nothing personal.

Asked if he was prepared to talk with president Kibaki WITHOUT prior conditions ahead of the talks, he starts with giving his CONDITIONS as an answer. Is there anything that he and the members of the pentagon can do to stop the violence and ensure peace? No we have done everything we can. He then calls to his supporters to shun violence but he is not the least convincing, not even to the reporter. Nothing personal.

Asked if he supported the threat of sanctions by the EU while millions of Kenyans still live under extreme poverty, he said yes Kibaki has to be put under as much pressure as possible. He wants the presidency that was stolen from him and it does not matter who will pay in the course. Nothing personal.

It was proved that there were irregularities from both sides? Answer, no not from his side. That the chairman of the electoral commission was put under pressure by both sides? Answer, no not from his side. Nothing personal.

Raila got his chance to prove to the world what a statesman he is and he blew it. This is the one time he could have ended the violence by calling off his dogs but the only message that he brought forward is that Kenya will suffer until he gets his presidency. He is bitter that the police are opening fire against the violent hooligans and would rather see the ethnic cleansing continue. He wants his presidency, nothing personal.

By Njoro…My Expression Blog.


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18 Responses to “Raila On BBC Hard Talk-Nothing Personal!!!”

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I watched the interview with Stephen Sackur.The questions asked were the kind Kenyans in general are asking. The Sanctions issue enyewe is serious and I hope he did not mean what he said. Honestly Kenya would be in an economical mess if the EU actually carries out the threat. For those who missed it, there´s a repeat on BBC world today at 10.30am,15.30pm (swedish time)..andiminforming……

Nice discussion, and yes I most definately shun the violence and destruction of property that have since plagued Kenya. Does anyone care to look back into why people are protesting? Wht happened madam president between the 27th and 29th Dec…..does anyone have a clue? With all sincerity is Kibaki Government in office rightfully…if not, where does this leave democracy and human rights?
Does anyone remember the Moi regime and the poor voter turn outs…is there any comparison to 2002 or 2007?

Has Kibaki government any role to play in the demonstrations? I know that you as much as I do that demonstrations and protests are indeed part and parcel of democracy……ope you can look back to the period before emanicapation of women and the black struggles.

Economic sanctions will further drive Kenya into desparacy, if you were Kibaki or Raila, what would you do to convince Kenyans that their choices are respected and that their voters card has some weight. How will you convince Kenya and the rest of Africa that come 2012, thei choices will be respected….have you thought of what could have happened had Moi clung on to power in 2002….he had the possibilities and trust me; the balls to do it!

What role do you then think the international community can play in order to save democracy and human rights in kenya, in the face of flawed elections? Mark, you, negotiations have since bore no fruit….what language will Hon. Kibaki understand that he does not lawfully occupy the presidency seat. What would harm kenya or Kenyans if a reelection was done….now that there are obvious disparancies in the election results?

Please dear Kenyans, will condeming the violence that is tarnishing our once beautiful country, let us not forget to condemn the disrespect to democracy and human rights thathave occassioned these violences. Let us give back the power to the people. They do have a right and freedom to assembly and association or dont they? Lets free the media from bans that can only cripple its operation as a body and most of all, let us encourage all kenyans to engage in friutful debates and discussions that will lead to the restoration of peace, democracy and justice in our motherland.

When moi stole elections in 92 we all critisized it, now when kibaki has stolen the elections, we still critisize it, when Kalonzo,mudavadi, kenyatta or raila steals an election we will still critisize it why? because we are kenyans before we are kikuyu,luhya’s,kamba or luo’s.
kibaki needs sanctions like all dictator’s do.He made the bed so all he has to do is just sleep on it. What happens in 2012 if they decide to swear in a goat as our head of state and use force like they are doing now to keep the goat as the head of state? Andimasking???? when a popular president wins an election people dont go to war, people rejoice and celebrate like they did in january 2003 for those of you who can remember.

Kenya has always had the problem of corruption and disrespect of the Rule of law. I agree with you where democracy is concerned that if the votes are not safe then democracy isn´t safe too. Still we have reached a point where the regular mwananchi should be put first. Fightings and killings have been done and people have lost lives. Should this continue? We fight for democracy but there is always a more diplomatic way of doing it.I love when you say “let us encourage all kenyans to engage in friutful debates and discussions that will lead to the restoration of peace, democracy and justice in our motherland.” Still steps to be taken should be long term because its true Kenyans need the elective trust back.I have to get back to you on what the international community can do to help in this situation as well as my 2 shillingi on what the leaders can do…

@ Beryll pliz stop calling kibaki *Hon* as for njoro your articles were interesting last year because you were preaching democracy and the will of the people, now you’ve switched and is trying hard to blame raila for skirmishes in kenya. what happened to the will of the people? or it doesn’t matter anymore as long as the presidency is secure in ‘nyuba ya mubi’? Let me remind you that raila doesn’t have the arm of the law, Kibaki commands the military and if he can allow people to hold peaceful rallies,(of course he can have cops to ensure no one breaks the laws) then no one will die in the process. Which law is kibaki using to ban public rallies? pliz quote it for me?

It is very sad to see someone like Njoro calling other tribes that are not Kikuyus DOGS. DOGS! Man that is big and you must a pologise to Kenyans on using that word. What kenyans want is their rights. They are giving up their lives so that democracy that has been uprooted pre-maturely can be re-planted- The Kikuyu elite are the ones causing all the chaoes and once you know that then you will talk like a kenyan not a kikuyu. A poor kikuyu like you is suffering just like a poor Luo and Luhya. Pull up your socks and stop being tribalistic. Refresh your memory and go back to your articles a bout peace and unite. Raila is a kenyan just like Kibaki and let him say what he wants. Freedom of Speech. The Sanctions is the only medice we have for those thieves. I second Raila that EU must sanctin Kenya because the poor people have nothing to lose. It is Kibaki and his cronies who will lose. Go on Kenyan s and demostrate and tell the whole world that you know what democracy is and you will do anything to defend it. You are the people that we count on since we are far a way from home. Restore democracy and we can here your cry. Let those who are singing “KIBAKI ANJENGA INCHI SING KIBAKI ABOMOA INCHI. Go on friends of democracy and dont listen to Njoro type because they are living in yesterdays democracy. Ours is today and not Kesho. Kibaki has blinded Njoro and he does not see when Kibaki is thiefing our economy, democracy and our country. Long live Kenyan demostrators. We are with you in spirit and we gonna be with you until the very last day when Kibaki steps down to give the president of the people his chance. Njoro how can you call Luos, Luhya, Kaleos and all the 6 provinces that voted for Raila DOGS? Shame on you. Here are your words, “Raila got his chance to prove to the world what a statesman he is and he blew it. This is the one time he could have ended the violence by calling off his dogs but the only message that he brought forward is that Kenya will suffer until he gets his presidency. He is bitter that the police are opening fire against the violent hooligans and would rather see the ethnic cleansing continue” For your information, there is no ethnic cleansing going on in kenya, there is a conflict and you better go back to the UN definations of the term ethnic cleansing. 65 luos are dead, 35 luhyas are dead, 120 kikuyu, More Keleos.

Oh Dear,
Sweeping this under the carpet, will achieve
CALM without PEACE. PEACE comes with JUSTICE.
Very sad we are losing people. We must prevent
“Justice Be our shield and defender”
Na tukae na udugu Amani na Uhuru.
Long Live Kenya.
We will pull through.

Raila won in six provinces, but that does not mean Kibaki was geting nothing in those provincies.In Central and Eastern provincies, Raila got very little and they are heavily populated.God created Gema as a the majority commun ity in Kenya( though were not special) and we have the numbers and thats what counts in all elections.Its our God given democratic rights to vote the way we want or even as a block just as Luos have been following the Odingas and we do not have a problem with that.Falling of Kenyatta and Jaramogi is the one which caused bad blood between this two highly opionated communities.

ODM bila Nguo… from my intel… check this out you need to know the source of all the finances. Ukweli wa mambo.. if you need to know more Odm truths just ask. we have all the info. U saw raila.check how much he owe’s people like Gaddaffi. of course he’ll want to have the presidency at any cost.





Mr C Njjonjo 25,000,000
CMC Motors Grp 20,000,000
CFC Bank 5,000,000
Landrover Group Limited (<>) 55,000,000
JIAM 25,000,000
Pastor Gilbert Deya 20,000,000
Gilbert Deya Congregation (<> 10,500,000
Mr James Ongwae 3,500,000
Mr Bosco Gichana 12,000,000
Mr S Osamba (< >) 6,100,000
Tata Tea 50,000,000
Tata Consultancy Service 350,000
Tata Motors 35,000,000
Dr Jane Konditi 350,000
Prof J Oduol 300,000
Mr AA Walji 7,000,000
Hon William Ole Ntimama 5,000,000
Mr Zackayo Cheruiyot 4,500,000
Mr Charles Onyancha 300,000
Brig (rtd) Alexanda Sitienei 225,000
Dick Morris Associates (pro bono services) 21,335,000
Dr S Kosgey 2,500,000
Kisumu Simba League 21,750,000
Dr P Otuoma 250,000
Mr S Murunga (Kimilili) 8,500,000
Tony Texeira 21,500,000
Mr S S Sodi 150,000
Zubedi group 20,000,000
Colourprint (posters/caps) 8,000,000
Anura Pereira 107,000,000
J Okungu 350,000
Tony Buckingham 6,000,000
<> Ted Spicer 17,000,000
Mr J kulei 39,000,000
Kamani Family 45,000,000
GOSS 12,500,000
Friends of Senator BO 66,000,000
PK Pattni 13,500,000
United Business Association 70,000,000
Westlands Association 12,800,000
Mr P Oriare 50,000
Premier Club 5,250,000
Gymkhana Group 5,150,000
Ms Esther Passaris 1,000,000
Adopt-a-light (Advertising Support) 20,000,000
Seif-Al-Islam Gaddafi 53,450,000
Visa Oshwal Group 10,200,000
Nakumatt H 26,000,000
Hon Andrej Hermlin 100,000
Linkspartei (PDS) 35,000,000
Hon Mudavadi Family 12,500,000
Spectre International & Associates 90,000,000
Energem resources Inc 52,500,000
Sandline International 10,000,000
Hon N Balala Family 8,000,000
Hon William Ruto 10,000,000
Mr D Berg 1,500,000
Hon Henry Kosgey & Friends 20,000,000
HE O Obasanjo 25,000,000
Mr S Mwaita 1,000,000
SA Support Group (M Otieno) 25,000,000
DRC Support Group 22,000,000
Hon O Kajwang 50,000 Chq RTD
Hon J Nyagah 3,500,000
Mr J Kaikai 500,000
SDP 1,800,000
CHAPS 650,000
GCP (<>) 154,000,000
Nganga Petroleum 1,500,000
Hon Eng Nyamunga 100,000
GM 2,000,000
KASS FM 400,000


Parliamentary Application Fees 295,000,000
Civic Application Fees 86,000,000


Dinner Launches Presentations 13,000,000
Merchandise sales 4,300,000



Fund Raising costs 25,813,050
Pre Nomination Rallies 165,355,300
Nominations (Personnel, Logistics, comm.) 160,500,000
Manifesto 76,304,100
Presidential Nominations 54,000,120
Equipment (Choppers, vehicles, etc) 320,208,000
Media Facilitation (Journalists) 29,300,000
Office Management & Overheads 98,567,450
Advertising 335,235,575
Merchandising 75,5625,700
Opinion Polls 7,300,000
Sewcurioty Operations and Personnel 22,500,000
Candidates Expenses (RO) 148,187,000
Pentagonm Allowances (Others) 89,000,000
Intelligenxce 39,775,450
General ICT 26,350,000
Propaganda 68,545,000
Trainning (Seminars & Conferences) 23,020,000




I have taken into account all the subscription/donations/expenditure notes surrendered to my section by the various arms of the 2007 ODM presidential campaign system.

Obviously, the money currently available cannot cover the campaign work still pending , and there is an urgent need for the Direcorate of Resource Mobilization to do more.

Sh 9,435,200 is owed to various media houses which are now demanding upfront payment for all our advertising

We recommend that the candidate brings forward proposed trips to DRC, Dubai/Kuwait and <> to ease current pressure

Also expedite fund raising at Coast, <, >, and <>.


Core Strategy Team:

Prof Peter A Nyongo, Secretary General ODM
Prof Edward Oyugi Akongo
Prof Patrick Wanyande
Prof Larry Gumbe
Mr Adams Oloo

1. Purpose

1.0           To ensure that the Orange Democratic Movement (hereinafter referred to as “ODM”) remains united and focused through out the national presidential campaigns period.

2.0 TO ensure that Hon Raila Amolo Odinga is elected the fourth president of the < of > in succession to the current President Mwai Kibaki

3.0 To ensure that Hon Raila Amolo Odinga secures an absolute majority of parliamentary seats in the tenth parliament to facilitate the ease of the intended constitutional reform.

2. Preamble

2.0          The just conclude ODM Presidential nominations have ended the speculation and competition within the ODM ranks with Hon. Raila Amolo Odinga (hereinafter referred to as the Candidate”) emerging as the Party’s presidential torch bearer. The enthusiasm and overacting support extended towards the Candidate have debunked the myth that

a As a member of the Luo community Hon Raila Odinga is not electable to the
presidency in <>

This document is intended to provide the conceptual guidelines and roadmap for the periods leading up to the presidential elections set for December 2007. This document notes the challenges and obstacles likely to confront the Candidate. These include

         Hon Kalonzo Musyoka’s potential to play spoiler

         The involvement role of ex-President Daniel arap Moi, his financial resources country-wide political network, experience and strong following in the Rift Valley.

         Kibakis incumbency and track record

         The financial muscle of the Mt Kenya elite and their potential to play rough and dirty.

The following pages outline a strategy for overcoming the odds and delivering the presidency to Hon Raila Odinga and ODM in the December elections.


       Hon Raila is charismatic and ambitious

       Kenyans appreciate him as a fearless crusader for truth, justice and democracy

       Has no publicly debated allegations of corruption

       Great crowd puller/mobiliser/entertainer

       Descends from a legendary family

       100% devoted following of the Luo community

       Recognized as the individual best credited with the incumbent election to President in 2002

       Won the 2005 Constitution Referendum

       Anchored by tribal chiefs with the potential to draw multi-regional support Weaknesses

               Limited understanding on economic matters

               Has been faulted as having exhibited a knack for political party relationship nomadism
               Association with Communism
                                           Potential for linkage to the underdevelopment in Nyanza
               The 1982 coup

               Acrimonious parting of ways with Wamalwa Kijana (Luhya Western) Moi (Kalenjin, Rift Valley) Kibaki (Gema, Mt Kenya region) and Kalonzo (Kamba , Eastern)

               Matters surrounding corruption allegations related to the molasses plant, Kisumu and implications of corruption as alleged by the Ndungu Report

       Pin down Mwai Kibaki on his 2002 promise to be a one term president

       Capitalize on matters related to the dishonoured MoU of 2002

       Take advantage of Mwai Kibakis’ Laziness and laidback attitude

       Exploit anti-Kikuyu sentiments

       Leverage the vulnerability of the Kibaki administration responses to corruption matters as the Anglo-leasing and Goldenberg scandal. Seize this opportunity to confront him with a powerful anti-corruption campaign message

       Ditto the £130b stashed away by Kanu leaders

       Artur brothers and their raid to the Standard Group

 The Candidates religion and perceived state of religiosity

 The public’s perception of the candidate’s Communism

 Kibera in his Langata constituency is the least developed and most volatile area of <>

 Damage incurred from Hon Ruto’s recorded statements on the Candidates unelectability

 The Candidates potential for ad-hoc and imrpovised statements


Based on the above SWOT

a the Candidate’s Strengths and Opportunities significantly outweigh his weaknesses.
b The Candidates/Party popularity is imminent should we recreate and maintain the euphoria achieved during the 2005 Constitutional Referendum and in the last General Election.


I The Grand Entrance

As earlier agreed in order that our candidate campaigns commence with impact, it is necessary that he exit <> to lay foundation for a grand home coming similar to Matibas in 1992 and Kibakis in 2002. Whereas the party has identified areas such as <> and as regions of interest, it is recommended that the Candidate focus on and the United States where Diaspora is active) for this purpose. A lengthy absence will starve the country of Hon Raila and stimulate an outpouring of adoration that will take us to victory.

II Kikuyu Alienation

Owing to this strategy’s success during the 2005 referendum, it is the party’s position it should be utilized once more for the General Election. There is overwhelming feeling among the non-Gema communities that the Kikuyu are selfish bigots dedicated to a tribal hegemony who will never share the spoils of government with other communities. Underpinning this strategy is the blessing that ODM campaign has able pointmen in Mudavadi, Ruto, Balala and Ntimama who can efficiently galvanize their respective communities around the anti-kikuyu initiative. Concurrently, every effort must be made to undermine Kalonzo in order to prevent him from emerging as an alternative avenue for anti-kikuyu sentiment. In this regard, particular caution should be placed on regions such as RVP where Kalonzo has the potential of attracting some of our votes. Anti-Kikuyuism must be reinforced with promises of jobs and economic gains to key players from every community supporting this initiative.

The Class Issue
It is possible to trigger a class war by painting the Kibaki Government as an insensitive, uncaring group of Muthaiga Golf clubbers. Available research also suggests that this strategy could also resonate with poor kikuyu youth who feel economically marginalized by their own government. As part of this strategy the party should seek to elevate the emotions within all youth constituents who may it successful, be willing to vote for us in the protest. Visible signs of class disparity will provide important fodder for this theme.

It is absolutely essential that through out this campaign, Raila remain aligned to the Western Countries (such as the United States) in order to take advantage of the deteriorating relationship between them and Kibaki. ODM can expect both financial and political support particularly from the <>.

Pull All Plugs
This being the contest of a lifetime, the party should employ all available means to ensure a victory. Subterranean campaigns will therefore form a critical component of our activities. Corruption in the Kibaki Government, the mess of Kibakis domestic situation and the soap opera of the Artur brothers provide ready material for this war.
The Media
Since 2005, the team has maintained intimate contacts across all media. Even though a number of senior media managers are active in our campaigns, we should establish strongest Media Centre possible, manned by local and international experts. Indeed, we must approach this issue with the understanding that victory in the media war could very well mean victory at the polls.

Identify the Fixers.
There is no doubt that the key regional point men are invaluable to this campaign as without them the whole thing could tumble. In order\ to insulate the candidate from attacks on his person, not all advertising and campaign efforts should be focused on him. At the same time, all possible efforts should be used to retain discipline among the party leadership, including reminding them of their vulnerability.

Tap into pledged funding from external donors including Federal Republic of Nigeria, <>, the <>, <>, <>, The Democratic Republic of Congo as well as individual /institutional caucuses such as GTZ network, Cyril Ramaphosa, the Deya Ministries and US Republicans among others.

Below is the schedule of activities that will lead to the implementation of our strategy

Strategy Rationale How to Activate When to Activate Action By:
The Anti-Kikuyu crusade 1. This is an important wedge issue. It will help galvanise the rest of the country against a common enemy and set the overall theme of our campaign 1. Mass media (allusion to predominance of Kikuyus in public service and business
2. Public Rallies

3     Leaflets

4 Viral e-mail and SMS Through out the campaign period, heightened activities three weeks before elections All members R.O. to lead the execution of this strategy
Uhuru Kenyatta as Kibakis Choice for 2012 1.             1. Accentuate the anti-Kikuyu sentiments.
2.   Cause unease within PNU ranks
3. Attract Luhya vote by eliminating the belief that there will be a Luhya successor
4.   Communicate the intention to retain power within a select group of prominent political families
(Kenyatta, Moi, Kibaki) 1. Speculative newspaper articles /opeds

2. Public pronouncements at all campaign rallies

3. Blogs/web forums

4. Leaflets, with special focus on and RVP Immediately, with heightened media activities end of November 1.        Kipkoech Tanui & Okech Kendo.
2.        R.O
Majimbo 5.             Majimbo present the promise to the electorate that they will retain their resources at the exclusion of foreigners particularly the Kikuyu, Akamba and the Indians. It is particularly important in galvanising the Coastal vote. 1.    Public Rallies in RVP Western and Coast
2.    Op-Ed columns in the mainstream media
3.    TV/FM radio call in shows
4.    Public forums such as workshops with high profile personalities such as Ghai.
5.              Immediate heightened activities sin December Ruto to lead campaign team.
Corruption Branding the opponent as irredeemably corrupt will provide diversionary salvos and a campaign theme worth pursuing through out the electioneering period. 1.          Press conferences, themed under specific premises such as Telkom and Safaricom sale.
2.          TV, Radio, Billboard advertising.
3.          Newspaper articles, radio and TV talkshows.
4.          Campaign Rallies
5.          Viral email, Mashada Blogs, You tube and SmS Through out the campaign period with heightened activities in NOV/DEC All RO to provide core leadership.
The Githongo Dossier Githongo has so far provided the most important ammunition in branding the opponent as irredeemably corrupt. He still is capable of killer blow Release more incriminating recordings from his time in Government 10 days before elections J Odindo to provide Nation forum.

R.O. to release material already in custody
The Artur Brothers 6.             This Saga presents unending opportunities to embarrass the Kibaki team Induce brothers to release their long awaited book at the right moment. Our media partners are waiting to serialize the contents. Two weeks before the elections R.O
The age issue Our core supporters are essentially young people whoa re angry about the domination of Kibaki politics by frail septuagenarians. Billboards and leaflets ridiculing the old people in the Kibaki team; contrast this with billboards of Hon Raila with young people- the promise of a buoyant future. immediately Communication team
Rigging 1. Prepare ground for rejection of 1. Press conferences Oct/Nov/ Dec All

Unfavourable results 2.Increase interest in monitoring activities to ensure no rigging happens
3.    Deflect attention from ourselves should opportunities be available to manipulate voter turnout in our green areas. 2. Op-Ed Columns

3. TV/FM radio call-in shows

4. Petitions to embassies and ODM- friendly NGOs’

5. Public Rallies

Ethnic Tensions/Violence as a last
Resort To discourage voter participation in hostile areas 1. Continue pro-Majimbo utterances

2. Use ODM agents on the ground to engineer ethnic tensions in target areas

3. Support Kapondi’s forces in < >

4. Leaflets targeting the Kikuyus, Kisiis, etc Mid-Dec Bring Alexanda Sitiene

Ps. make it a posting instead..

@Kadinya,wherever u got that from,doesn’t change the fact that Raila won the elections fair and square!
Y are we pointing fingers at our leaders?
Who picked the machetes n started slashing their neighbors?
Common mwananchi!
Who was doing the burning of churches?
Common mwananchi!
Who is being shot?
We should then decide that enough is enough.
When will people realise that the buck stops with each person as an individual?
Its a high time Kenyan’s stopped the blame game.
It doesn’t solve a thing.
Look who is calling others DOGs and at the same time preaching peace.
Peace will not come from Kibaki nd Raila..it has to start at the bottom!
Open yo eyes guys.
The leaders have nothing to lose!
Ni sisi tunaumia!
God bless Kenya!

Sober debate. However, Lets calm down abit. Njoro did not say that the other tribes are dogs. Please visit this site and you will be enlightened on this English Idiom.. i beg ohhh….Do not fuel hate by ignorance. VOILA………………..http://idioms.thefreedictionary.com/call+off+the+dogs

LOL….”It was raining cats and dogs”….how come I have never seen those cats and dogs dropping
from the sky…apart from the heavy tropical rain???? Jijazieni…..butdoisay…

Muirani Says:
January 17, 2008 at 1:53 pm
I like the way Njoro you have put it, Raila Odinga portrayed himself not as a statesman but like a power hungry activist who is hell bound for the presidency at all costs.It was evident that Raila harbours the same quest for power just like his late father, Jaramogi Oginga Odinga:Its in their blood that Ukuyus have been betraying his Luo community and thats why he ganged up with some people who share the same ideology over the hatred of the Gema communities.During the failed coup in 1982, he claims that he organised it because Kikuyus were organising one.This means that he harbours some deep rooted grudge against the community and he can go at any length to antagonize them, irrespective of the consequencies.Many of his supporters were dismayed by his answers since he was caught off guard.Now the international community has seen and heard him and they know now what kind of a person they are dealing with.Hon. Odinga has never ever apoligized to the Kenyan community over the loss of life and destruction of property he cause during the arbotive coup in 1982.That blood and even the one which is being shed now will always continue to haunt him untill he truelly repents to God and ask for forgiveness from the Kenyan people.

Njoro On Hard Talk ButDoiSay (BDS)

Fellow Kenyans and friends of Kenyans. It’s ‘getting hot’ in here but fortunately for all the right reasons. It’s these kinds of debates and discussions that will eventually bring about the much thirsted for reconciliation, the road to peace for our beloved nation.

Now, a Kenyan has misinterpreted by ignorance or intentionally to incite, a phrase that I used in the article “Nothing Personal”. For the sake of Mr. KAMAU PAUL and others like him who got offended by my using of the phrase ‘call off his dogs’, I have decided to UNCONDITIONALLY withdraw the offending word ‘dogs’ and replace it with ‘mob’ (meaning a group of people). I ask that Clay will also re-edit the article and replace the word on butdoisay UNCODITIONALLY for the sake of Ukenya.

Truly truly I say to you, that the word ‘dog’ as used in the phrase does not literally mean the named canine. I thank NYAMS who was quick to mention this and for providing a link that further explains the meaning and the usage of the phrase.

I also UNCONDITIONALLY, sincerely apologise to all Kenyans who got offended by the phrase, it was not intentionally meant to abuse. It is said that to apologise is not a weakness, and I thus do so in the hope that others who have offended Kenyans will ‘follow suite’ and do the same for the sake of peace. ‘Sweeping things under the carpet’ will definitely not bring back the Kenya we miss. We must accept and apologise in order to ‘patch up’. It is said that a man (or a woman) without remorse has no character. Am not ashamed of anything.

BABA NANI, I remember that in our last debate last year the only thing we could agree on was not to agree. Same applies here, I still preach peace but on ‘my fight’ for peace I also identify the enemies of peace. My ‘war for peace’ is directed to them. I will not see a ‘spade and not call it a spade’ to maintain my language for peace while things are ‘falling apart’. While I say Raila has the power to stop the violence an indeed embark on “peaceful demonstrations ala Gandhi”, am talking about peace and democracy. Even if he is not the president he has the power to control his mob (supporters).

Raila could ‘win more hearts’ if him and the rest of ODM members and supporters demonstrated the real meaning of the word peaceful. Riots started way before the electoral commission announced the results. When things escalated turning our beloved country into a battle zone, into genocide and ethnic cleansing, and Mr KAMAU it was that, the law had to ’step in’. Call it Kibaki or GSU, the police cannot just watch while innocent men, women and children are mercilessly and cold bloodedly killed. I will not sit around while I see my people Kikuyus, Luos or Kalenjins being systematically murdered and not say or do something about it. We must not let Kenya become ‘today’s Rwanda’ by our denial. Someone must be held accountable if peace, love and unity will be re-achieved.

My report was directly as carried on through Hard Talk BBC for the whole world to watch. It is not my fault if Raila ‘failed to score’. Just don’t expect everybody to shut up about it. Fellow Kenyans we obviously have taken sides on this one but as we do so, we must also identify unbiased, the hindrances on the way for peace.


Am still asking did Kibaki legitimately win or not? Why do we deliberately refust to address the root cause of th skirmishes now de-facing our once beautiful country. Were the elections flawed or not.YES YES YES they were indeed flawed! What then can we do to restore Democracy, peace and justice in Kenya?

10 years ago when Moi was killing ‘especially’ kikuyus and luos after rigging elections, we non kalleo Kenyans did the right thing, and fought for our rights the best way we knew how, we can’t expect like njoro is telling us to have peaceful demonstrations, while the illegitimate dictatorial govt has taken away the ‘freedom of assembly’ from us. Now i do not support violence in any form or way, BUT i wish you kikuyus good luck with the presidency and hope it stay’s att ‘nyuba’ forever because history has a funny pattern of repeating itself, and i hope God gives us longer lives so we can be able to bear witness for ourselves when it unfolds and remind ourselves why it was necessary to nip sycophancy in the bud.God bless you all Butdoisay!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dont understand why anyone needs to apologise about anything. Check out the news. Do u see Raila anywhere*?? his son, family relatives. Nope coward’s in karen at home with watchmen and special unit security, but then he still goes on and says mapambano iendelee.Well who listens*? his own people trying to outrun live bullets, of course until he calls his dogs off people will continue dying,…. his people.! Am not being a tribalist am just saying it as it is. Dont hear anything in western, rift valley or even mombasa. U saw it yourself on BBC. At any cost! Hope that you ODMers will find it in your heart to forgive him one day.!

Hallow Njoror, You seem to be claiming nothing personla whenmore than three times.Do you take into consideration that the election was stolen form the people, it is the people’s right not Raila, people practised their right and and was stolen from them by emerging dictator who is collaboration with his wife. Kibaki has ordered the police from Uganda to kill ODM supporters. What kind of government is that? Dictortor if accepted Kenya is doomed and kibaki will die in power. Know your right as a civilian with no ethnic ties!

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