Lets Look Beyond Our Noses….

Posted on January 16, 2008. Filed under: Butdoisay TRUE STORIES |

“There was rigging”, “there was no rigging”, “Kibaki won”, “Kibaki stole”, “No Raila No peace”…lets look beyond our noses my dear Kenyans, Kenya is on a brink of collapsing….just like Iraq, Afganistan and Zimbabwe….I have just watched the millitary police shooting 2 Kenyans in Kisumu for demonstrating…after shooting them, he kicks one of them and walks away from the scene still shooting…this is not the Kenya we know, things are heading to the worst scenario, democracy is good yes, but is democracy good while living in a country like Afganistan, Iraq or Zimbabwe…countries with no human resources? Democracy is only good while living in the Kenya we had 3 months ago, were we oppressed by then?…no, were we displaced by then?… no…did our children go to school by then? Yes, were you walking in the country scared to death?..No….so what´s the fuss for? Lets put aside politics, its a dirty game…the poor ones are the sufferers and I am sure they do not even know what they are fighting for, they are just being remote controlled on how to behave…..burning shops in Eldoret and killing one of Kenyas flag bearer in marathon, Patrick Sang, and in Kisumu, destroying their own town Kisumu city…what happened to the kisumu city they loved, they sang about…. why burn the shops that provide you with your daily resources…where and when will you rebuild all that you are destroying and suffer for many years to come……”LETS JUST LOOK BEYOND OUR NOSES AND LET  POLITICS BE”……..butdoisay….

Clay Onyango.


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2 Responses to “Lets Look Beyond Our Noses….”

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Democracy in Kenya can only be realised once we remove the so called self styled tribal chiefs.Its only the kenyan people who have that power to do that.Our leaders do only serve and defend their own interests only.While the common Kenyan is suffering, them are sitting in thier posh places receiving their foreign masters and planning on how to enrich themselves more and none is thinking of how to uprift the standard of the common man.The rich will never represent the poor and thats why Raila said that during the hard talk, vote of no confidence is not an option coz he knows almost all ODM MPs will not vote for it and makes the jobless.

Tribal chief talk comes second only after the commander in thief!!!!!!!!!!The common man did what he could on the 27th of dec anything after that cannot be blamed on him, remove your blinders and stop embracing evil please mr muirani coz then you become one and the same with evil!!!!!!

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