We Are The Social Democratic Battalion-By Olengais

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  It is so wonderful to realize that we are actually soldiers of the same battalion,
the social democratic battalion.
  Our fundamental responsibility is to come out right now and neutralize the
situation in Kenya in whatever capacity we can by addressing both Kibaki and
Odinga while we try to be balanced.
  Brother, the Kenyan politics are mystical no wonder even the most promising
figures are compromised the moment they join the “house”
  There are many theories around the rigging and why it had to happen. Many say that
Since all was pointing out that Obama and the America people are realizing that
something is happening they decided to hold hands and unite. Obama says, in his at
most intelligent speeches he makes in all campaigning meetings that SOMETHING  IS
  He says,(Obama) that if we unite, we can bring down the mighty power of injustice.
  All men and women who are morally upright sees the need for change both in America
and in Kenya.
   We must unite because we have a common enemy, that is the social economical and
polical injustice.
  How best can we do this? You tell me that in Sweden the Prime Minister respect the
FUNDAMENTAL LAWS. WE EXPECT THAT     our leaders do this as well.
  Chairman, do you agree with me  that fundamental laws are based on natural
existence of life? It must be the same in the whole universe. All must have the
right to express, group, live, and have the right to speech, belong to any
religion of heir choice without being intimidated whatsoever.
   We argue with the notion that all men are created equal.
  In Kenya, when irregularities arise like during the election of 2007, those who
thing they are cheated, must have the right to express themselves, have speeches
on the issue and group to demand what they think is theirs by this fundamental
  These groups can demonstrate in the non violence way with the same fundamental
intention to protect the basic rights of those who are alleged to be mischievous.
Your freedom ends the moment you violet the other Ono’s (JFK) but freedom is not
given by the oppressor but taken by the oppressed(MLK JR)
  Being a social democrat, have you gone out to demand that Odinga tells his
supporters to use the non violence demonstration to eject Kibaki out of office if
he cheated?
  How about Kibaki? Have demanded of him not to order paramilitary police to shoot
demonstrators to kill? Myself, I feel I haven’t done much, I am urging to do
something to stop this killing and animosity that will be left in our society
  Mr Mwaura, we cannot continue to reproduce the same division we have in Kenya here
in Sweden. You must do something to fix that problem. This is very serious and I
think we owe the future generation all to ensure we prepare this world for their
  The problem as we all know is about even distribution of resources to all Kenyans
despite background.
  Our leaders are failures! They should have fixed this by constitution long time ago.
  What is your plan now? there must not be any more bloodshed in our country! Tell
me about the Kenya Capitalism.
  Your Comrade
  Chairman CCM Sweden


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4 Responses to “We Are The Social Democratic Battalion-By Olengais”

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Hi Again Mr Saidimu,
I think it will take time for you to understand me politically. Well.., can i say in
simple words that Kenya is BIGGER THAN KIBAKI and RAILA. I have evidence that Raila
rigged erections in Luo Nyanza,Western,and some parts in RiftValley to name but a
few. Kibaki might have also done the same in Some areas in Central. Who is the big
thief???? Media propaganda will not help and iam sorry majority in the whole world
are like you.

Now Kibaki is the President in Kenya AND a BIG FULLSTOP!! Kenyans wre and are still
being Killed… Who is AUTHORISING THIS KILLINGS?? AND Why???? The world need to be
told the truth and the whole truth NOT propagandas!!!!!!


I keep resounding the fact that Raila will NEVER rule kenya, he took his place today to prove it. Waswahili wanasema alikula Bench, a spectator, that’s his role in life, at least one thing you can appreciate is that he’ll keep Bw. Lucy on his toes,not that he was not doing a good job already. Now kenyans can come together again and rebuild what was left especially Kisumu,Burnt forest, Eldoret.
Moving on, one idiot claims ati ‘Kenya will never be the same again!’, Kubaff, talk to your people down there things are alrealdy back to normal nothing is going to change in kenya, pole to disapoint you. then you go to youtube and see people suffering in the cold ati shouting at the embassy.. woi what a shame, how does someone wearing armny unifrom call for peace?? then again i think that protest talks for itself,, am sure kibaki is very scared out of his wits,ata hala ati he was burnt,kubaff! then to add salt to injury ati another kenyan movement/organisation is born, kwani you guys don’t have anything better to do.? the alphabet is running dry in stockholm with all the different names. but what that doesn’t seize to amaize me, Same idiot on top. hope he sleeps sometime, he’s life story will be full of titles ati i was chairman here and secretary here because i love kenya too much more than anyone else in stockholm!
Finally, what i would propose to our chairlady at kesofo is? why dont you make some kind of occasion to collect clothes and money for the people who are suffering, am sure that’s the kind of thing the embassy would be willing to get involved in sending them.
Asanteni. Kazi iendelee!

Yes Mr. Chairman,
This is the beginning of the truth and reconciliation. It all starts WHEN PEOPLE ARE
are receptive to criticism. People like many of us who dare criticize and be
comfortable WHEN criticized.
“The world need to be told the truth and the whole truth NOT propagandas!!!!!!” By
airing this issue, we will be doing a gradual treatment for our society. by trying
to understand each other, we are doing the job of reconciliation. It is along
process. And Sir, “Kibaki is the President in Kenya AND a BIG FULLSTOP!!” Since we
want to solve a problem, we probably won’t agree on the above statement since we as
you said in the previous conversation, feels that someone was mischievous. Both
Kibaki and Odinga are said to have not taken their responsibility and that Kenya is
more bigger than them two.
Kenya is being destroyed and you agree with it meaning that we cannot just let it be
that way.
A civilized society prepares itself by planning and able to fore tell what is going
to happen before its due.
Don’t you agree with me that it our responsibility to tell the whole world the whole
truth ? It the right time to do it in a manner that does not put inflammable to an
already burning house.
Let us conquer our feelings in order to make wise decisions
OBS; English is not our second mother tongue! You are advised to check with your
Oxford Dictionary when you see new terms in our conversation before you include
them in your VOCABULARY.

Saidimu Ole Ngais

@Kadinya…A fundraising is already being organised for that particular purpose to be held on the 26th of January. The details have not been finalised but as soon as the all the logistics are in place everyone will be informed. It is being organised on humanitarian grounds for the victims in kenya right now. I am representing Kesofo in the commitee organising the event as well as other members.Thanks for the note..cheers…

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