Stop Sending Silly Inciting Smses To Kenyans…

Posted on January 13, 2008. Filed under: Butdoisay TRUE STORIES |

I received an sms yesterday that 3000 soldiers from Uganda are entering Kenya from the border…and my question is…. so what should we do? Should we stop them from entering Kenya from our apartments in diaspora? Its time these kind of smses stop, they are out to incite hatred and fear among ourselves…it seems like some people are tired of their lives, there is a short cut to life and that is to commit suicide…why dont they commit suicide instead?

Send smses that will heal Kenyans, create friendship or messages that will give us hope that is almost gone…and I am not pointing this to any one individual but to the many incitors that were brought up with hate and arrogance…..

As a Kenyan, right now…frankly speaking, I do not care who leads Kenya as long as there is peace in the country…and am disturbed to hear some Kenyans out there preaching tribalism at this time……”LET PEACE LEAD US”  AND  “I WISH PEACE WAS A HUMAN BEING”, I would have voted him in……butdoisay…

Clay Onyango.

Ps. I dont know who sent the sms but this article is not personal….so you know….PEACE!!!


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13 Responses to “Stop Sending Silly Inciting Smses To Kenyans…”

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“so what should we do? Should we stop them from entering Kenya from our apartments in diaspora?” hahahaha you killing my ribs clay!!!!!!!!!!!!

It seems you, Clay are an unforgiving person who dont have any respect for people, its because of hateful people like you, that kenya is this situation, what you were sent was INFORMATION and that is not wrong, that is never wrong aspecially in a situation like this! ANd if you have will, guts and balls you actually can do something. but i guess some people prefare to be uninformed so that when all goes to hell they can always say “I never knew”

Chairman CCM Sweden:I am a Social Democrat. Neither ODM nor PNU are!Published in January 14th, 2008 Posted by Saidimu Ole Ngais in Diaspora, NewsMany are asking me what side do I stand, the side of the PNU or the side of the ODM. In the Kenyans political system, people vote for parties according to interest and what gains they will get.

Moreover, People vote on tribal lines. Those who holds power ensure that they maintain power and wealth even at the expense of others.

You may confuse yourself on what side I stand. When it comes to the “stomach politics of Kenya”, Yes, because I, as a social democrat do not play neither do I agree with the stomach politics of Kenya!

I feel ashamed to be associated with it but I respect other’s decisions!

According to myself, I am a social democrat and there is no time I will ever vote for a Moderates, Capitalist or Communist, Socialist. I belong to the social democrats whether in Kenya or in Sweden.

There is no time a social democrat can vote for the Capitalists, we will have lost our goal then. We can cooperate with the rich to make live better. We also want to be rich so we must be able to work together with the rich and tame the selfish Capitalist.

This is telling you that, according to our CCM Sweden Ideology, we cannot compromise with our Idea for Kibaki and PNU or NARC KS because they are not social democrats. They are “Moderaterna” type in Sweden or Capitalist in the general meaning of the word.

PNU/NARCK/NARC-KS, is capitalist oriented and ODM is more or less related to the far left, according to my observation.

Because of my political belief, I cannot be member of either. But, as a Kenyan, in this moment, I am forced to select one Presidential candidate among the two available since CCM in Kenya does not have it’s own president candidate.

As an individual, and as a party leader in Sweden not in Kenya, I, like all others, must make a decision according to the guidelines of our Social Ideology as we have said all the time.

Therefore, I arrive to the decision that Odinga of the ODM by virtual of being a “Socialist” if he is, or maybe a left wing, (I am not sure what he is),is closer to Social democracy Ideology than the well established Capitalist Mr Kibaki.

I, as a CCM Chairman in Sweden(not in Kenya) makes a personal judgement to support Odinga and cooperate with the Capitalist Kibaki and PNU to build Kenya and protect its people.

Note that I support Odinga as president and not necessarily his party ODM.

However, any CCM Sweden member, has the right to make personal decisions to join the capitalist and abandoned our Ideology or stay with us and work to educate others on this way of thinking.

So, if you are an Ideologist, you are principled so you don’t vote by the stomach neither do you think on tribal boundaries like we do in Kenya.

Our social democratic Ideology tells as to work with the capitalist and balance economy in order to live side by side with each other on equal terms.

Social Ideology is the only way for Kenya. You Will come to learn and understand it but so far I know, that its either Kibaki or Odinga- Kikuyu or Jaluo living out more that 40 other tribes.

A social democratic ideologist in Nairobi, in Mukogodo forest, Kikyu, Jaluo or Maasai, Kalenjin,Ogiek,Turkan,Embu, name it, will not think of tribal lines. We will neutralise tribalism by engaging ourselves, our tribes, our regions on Ideologically based politics.

Wake up Kenyans and see far.

I am not a left wing neither am I a capitalist, I am a CCM Sweden Chairman, who stand for what our Ideology tells us.

A social democrat. I know you are confused.

I avoid to follow the wave, the stomach, power, fame, tribe and break down Kenya.

Who are you?

Maasaiwarrior Saidimu Ole Ngais

Chairman CCM Sweden

Dear Kapaski,please advice me what we should have done after receiving that sms,I like
to be informed but only what I need to know and with facts…like, was there rigging
during the elections,is Raila and Kibaki reconciling…is there any fact there were 3000
soldiers crossing the border from Uganda…and what are our well trained soldiers
doing since its only the Gsu,the police and the Ap controlling the clashes….

Dear Clay, was the election rigged? yes probabley, since objective international inspectors says it was. what we dont know is how it happend, to what extent and who is responsable for it, Kenya is in a situation that is hard to solve we need help since the people who are responsable of the country are the ones that are criminals, if you REALLY want to do something about the situation in our beloved Kenya, get your asses on drottninggatan, and all major malls on saturday to make a protest list about the chaos in kenya and demand the swedish gouverment to take the discussion to an international level, how many kenyans are we in sweden? 2000?, if all kenyans and other involved people sent a letter to the swedish gouverment and urge them to do something, they have to act, they can ignore one letter but they cant ignore things that comes in masses, I am so proud of the kenyans who protested outside the embassy, but i am ashamed there were not a bigger group of people, kenyans dont seem to have a problem finding time to go to norsborg parties but they dont seem to care enough about our motherland to take an afternoon off from work to go there and make a stand!. was the info in the sms correct? I dont know, but if it is im glad i got to know it, if it is not, well i guess someone got missinformed it happens especially in times of chaos, But for the love of god Clay how can you in one sentence preach about peace and in the other encourage people to go kill themselves?! This is a time where we are supposed to stick together, work together and pray together. so please stop this nonsens and start focusing on whats important!

We are all still crying for what has happened in our country and we are finding ways to prevent it from happening again.

So many people has died innocently, many injured or maimed, wealth destroyed and the dreams of many are destroyed but HOPE and DETERMINATION for our people is not dented.

My fellow countrymen, It is not justifiable to kill another person! Neither is morally right nor democratically civilized to still votes! Kenya,, particularly the poor, are suffering.

We are the victims of a bad governance which originated from our history. Many are saying that Kenya is bigger that Odinga and Kibaki. I wish this two gentlemen never existed but again, it is not about Kibaki and Odinga!

It is a combination of many bad political decisions made throughout time by all the last regimes including Kibaki’s.

It’s all about land reforms, it all about access, control ownership and utilization of natural resources evenly distributed among all Kenyans.

It’s all about a new constitution that reflects the need of Kenyans and not cater for the interest of a 25% “elite tribe”

The 75% “poor tribe” are in the streets killing and being killed, raping and being raped, contracting venereal diseases and so forth because of the same fact that we failed to reform our society immediately after independent.

Dear Kenyans, Whether you go out and demonstrate against Kibaki or not, whether you are pro Kibaki or Odinga, remember that every hit by the hammer on the nail exacts a direct pressure on it! There must be another way of demonstrating or fighting for justice that violence. It is believed that those who engage in violence are less smarter people.

I am sure we can speak many fine languages like, the Non Violence demonstration language spoken by Gandhi, Martin Luther King JR and Mandela.

You can exact pressure on those who rob you from your right without shedding blood. Believe me, if you don’t, It is the poor, mothers, children, sick and old who will suffer most.

I beg you all to engage yourselves in peaceful resolution activities because all civilized people understand the language of PEACE.

Therefore I say to you and so that you say to your brother and sister and of those from other mothers, PEACE BE WITH YOU BRETHREN!

Maasaiwarrior Saidimu Ole Ngais.

Kapaski…I did not encourage people to kill themselves, those who are going about
killing people in kenya are not human and should not be allowed into our society
and that was the best alternative for them…a person who can dare cut a womans throat
, a childs throat or any human being….should be removed from the society….and am
saying again….. thanks anyway…..

@Kapaski, just for the records i would have gone to protest, but i was seriously tied up.Fully support u guyz!!!!!!!!!!!

@clay07…Maybe you shouldnt do much than to use the power of mediar by `only´publishing!. The Dirty Job is being carried out by Kenyans at Home. Kenyans in the Diaspora cant do much other than to try get the superpowers to be involved. The more Kenyan articles appear in the mediar the more attention it gets…The better! You are doing a good Job clay, More than “ jumping“ from your appartment in the Diaspora. But, Lets not be cowards and leave the fight for democracy & transparency for our children in the next feature. Remember Dr. Martin Luther King. The fight starts today and not tomorrow.

Hi Zip,thanks I really agree with you,we should not lay back and leave the fight for
democracy,but lets fight for democracy in a better way thru peaceful demostrations,
good dialogues and not propanganda and hatred.Like in Georgia elections,they believe they
had rigging during their elections,but did we see wild demonstrators on the streets with
pangas,no..they had a peaceful demonstration….our leaders should talk to their own supporters
to always demonstrate in a good manner and not thru looting and so on…..while fighting
for democracy in Kenya….thanks once again..

@massaiwarrior you are so right!! and we should all come together to take action, not towards kibaki or odinga but against the chaos and killings of innocent people in Kenya, as i said before there are things we can do, if we want to.

clay, why dont you publish comments that you can see as critic towards yourself? in this country we have something called freedom of speach and press i did not use bad or offensive language and you have published comments before that has been out to nothing but hurt and trash people but you cant publish it when someone is criticising you? if you dont want to answer it in the blog please send me an e-mail, because that comment you made telling someone to go kill themself you could get sued for.

Dear Kapaski…I did not publish it because I have other articles and comments to
publish and i dont want us to repeat the same topic again and again….do me a favour
and sue me if am wrong with my articles or comments, its your right…am not afraid of
saying it once again…”it seems like some people are tired of their lives,
there is a short cut to life and that is to commit suicide…why dont they
commit suicide instead?” and there is nothing wrong with that comment if you re-read
the concerned article…..I always publish all articles that are also negative about me
and there are many articles too that have been written negatively about me on some blogs,
but to me that does not matter…..I hope this closes this chapter and I appreciate your comments…
Please lets turn to the next page.

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