Muirani- Raila Leave Obama Alone!!!

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Quote of the day> “A true journalist is a non biased journalist” -githuku wa muirani…and he continues….. The Langata MP-elect, Raila Odinga and former ODM presidential candidate is on record as having said that, Sen. Barack Hussein Obama, a hopeful Democratic Party nominee in the forth coming US presidential elections in November, Raila Odinga’s cousin.Odinga I do not doubt that you are cousins with Sen. Obama but I would like to question the timing of you announcing that Sen. Obama did visited Kenya and we never heard from you or hear any rumour to that effect. Nobody likes to be associated with a loser and all of us would like to be on the wining side, but this time around you are wrong Odinga.

In the African context, if one claims to be a relative of so and so is easily understood but i would like to bring into attention why Odinga’s claim on Sen. Obama may have negative effects or may affect Sen. Obama’s nomination as the democratic party
presidential candidate and the first African-American president in US history.

First and foremost, Illinois, Senator Obama is a first time federal senator and is giving the former first lady and New York senator, Hilary Rodham Clinton a run for her money. Sen. Clinton is a house hold name in the whole world because she was the wife of former president, Bill Clinton. Odinga’s name is well known in Kenya because he is the son of the former doyen of opposition, the late Jaramogi Oginga Odinga.

Sen. Obama by virtue of being an African- American is disadvantageous due to his colour and also in a country whereby its “white” dominated. If today Sen. Obama emerges as the Democratic Party nominee, all arsenals will be opened right from time he was born
and etc. Already there have been claims that he has a Muslim name (Hussein) just like Saddam Hussein. He went to Madrass (Islamic school) in Indonesia. Others claim that its hard to pronounce Obama since its almost similar to Osama.

With Odinga coming with the claim that he is related to Sen. Obama, will just give the over biased US media with more negative materials to damage Sen. Obama’s chances of making history. The media will go through Odinga’s history and finds that, his father was a communist and him too might have those political leanings, he was involved in the failed 1982 coup, his brother-in-law, Otieno Ambala was implicated in the killing of then Gem MP-elect, Horace Owiti Ongili and now he is one the main players in the current on-going political impasse in Kenya.

In Kenya we go tribal but in US it is even more damaging because they go “below the belt”. Odinga being a presidential material as you have portrayed to Kenyan people and the world, you could have being more wise and weigh your pronouncement because all those factors which I have raised could be used against Sen. Obama.

Please don’t drag Sen. Obama’s name because both of you are involved in two totally
different fights. You can borrow a leaf from ODM’s William Rongana Ole Ntimama, “lie low like an envelop”-as far as Sen. Obama is concerned.

Githuku Wa Muirani.


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You can choose your friends but not your relatives. To use the Odinga factor on Obama as a litmus test is ridiculous. Dick Cheney and Obama have a common ancestor and that has not hindered his surge.


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