Muirani, Leave Raila, Obama Alone….Cyndi London…

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Muiriani, with all due respect, I think your article is meant to discredit the very person you are trying to protect.
You are clearly not qualified to speak for Senator Obama. And worse, to drag his name in the kind of politics I see in your blog is tantamount to malice.
A bit of education about Obama.
In his book, “Dreams From My Father, A Story of Race and Inheritance”, Obama writes of his father being a non-practicing Muslim and who later died an atheist. Obama and his newly married mum then moved to Indonesia with his non-practicing Muslim step-father. Whilst in Indonesia, he attended an all inclusive International School with Christians, Muslims, Jews etc and the Muslims in the school were not required to wear veils! This was not a MADRASSA!
He does not see being black as a disadvantage as you allege. He has in fact appealed more to the white voters than he has to the black voters. In her book, “Salon”, Debra Dickerson (African American) wrote of Obama’s political rise, “Lumping us all together, erases the significance of slavery and continuing racism while giving the appearance of progress”.
Another instance is when he expressed puzzlement over whether he is black enough – Obama told an August 2007 meeting of the National Association of Black Journalists that the debate is not about his physical appearance or his record on issues of concern to black voters…”What it lays bear is that we are still locked in this notion that if you appeal to the white folks, then something is wrong”.
Obama practices a politics of inclusion and that is the stark difference between him and Senator Clinton.
You are of the opinion that being black is a minus for Obama; do you also think that being a woman is a minus for Clinton given that hers is household name?
Of Obama’s politics, in his book, “The Audacity of Hope, Thoughts on Reclaiming the American Dream”, reviewer Michael Tomasky writes “….it does show Obama’s potential to construct a new politics that is progressive but grounded in civic traditions that speak to a wider range of Americans” His book, “The Audacity of Hope” has been translated into Italian (with a preface by Walter Veltroni), German and Spanish.
There is also a book by a German author, Christoph Von Marschall, “Barack Obama – The Black Kennedy” is also testimony that Obama is taking Europe by storm.
An October 2005 British Journal – New Statesman, listed Obama as one of “10 people who could change the world”
Muiriani, I would suggest that if you have to drag somebody of Obama’s caliber in your political sentiments, keep out the double-edged sword.
Obama is the first African American top tier presidential candidate with a good shot at the presidency at only 46yrs. Apart from Hillary, he is the only one given Secret Service Security detail 18 months before elections.
Check out Olengai’s blog and sign up for Obama’s Campaign if you are truly proud of this great son of Kenya.Cindy

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I do appreciate your sober criticism.We need people like you in Kenya so as to educate one another in the atmosphere of mutual respect and not know all attitude.You have my respect Cindy.

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