Kenyans Successfully Gathered At Sergelstorg Amid Critics…

Posted on January 5, 2008. Filed under: Butdoisay TRUE STORIES |

Kenyans in Stockholm peacefully gathered at Sergelstorg to mourn the dead innocent victims that died in Kenya due to the ill fated  elections. Candles, flowers and placards were left outside Kultur huset in Stockholm burning in honor of the dead, symbolizing that Kenyans want democracy and peace in Kenya. Some of the placards read WE WANT PEACE IN KENYA, DEMOCRACY DOES NOT COME EASILY, REST IN PEACE and so on.

There were some critics as usual as to why it was not planned earlier by all Kenyans and to why the venue was not at the Embassy where Kenyans have their embassy, the answers to these is simple, the venue was outside Kultur huset because its the center of Stockholm and this is where all international activities takes place and the embassy has nothing to do with this. This was not a political rally against the embassy, Odm, Pnu or any ethnical group but an outcry for peace in Kenya for all Kenyans. As the critics continue….we wish to thank all those who attended, and as we agreed we will meet tommorrow Sunday at Bargamossen Church at 1400 hrs as planned earlier and maybe arrange for a bigger candle light  service outside Kultur huset next week….”MAY THE VICTIMS REST IN PEACE”..

Clay Onyango.


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2 Responses to “Kenyans Successfully Gathered At Sergelstorg Amid Critics…”

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Fellow Kenyans, we are faced with an even bigger issue here. Since the disputed elections and more than 300 innocent lives lost, little progress has been made. Grand coalition proved disastrous in 2002 and it would be unfair to push Hon. Odinga in that direction. If, according to what Hon. Odinga has been branded lately as a politician who would do anything to ascend to power, then we would have witnessed the current scenario then. He patiently waited for the elections in 2007 only to have one Kivuitu fella mess us up. If Kivuitu had not succumbed to pressure from PNU and particularly, ODM-K to release the compromised results, we would not be in this state today.
In the interests of all Kenyans, fresh elections seems to be the sure way forward bearing in mind that re-tallying of the votes is only viable within the first 72hours.


I also feel that elections might be the way out, yet one thing that really pisses me off is the use of tribal sentiments as a major campaign tool by you know who. I don’t recall ever getting favours because of my tribe, yet i feel joy when kenyan sportsmen win medals. Raila’s top lieutenants ruto and “prof” anyang nyong have blatantly devoted their energys so that the “its we against the kikuyus” mentality has been edged into people’s heads. THIS IS WRONG! As statesmen, leaders should rise above tribal sentiments as campaign tools. This anti kikuyuism has been so widespread and condoned that even at this blog a person even stated that kikuyus would vacate nairobi blah blah, and even ksb becoming openly tribalistic. In any case, whatever problems we have, killing anybody won’t solve our problems.WE ARE ALL KENYANS.

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