“Both Raila and Kibaki Should Step Down”…For The Sake Of Kenyan People!!!

Posted on January 3, 2008. Filed under: Butdoisay TRUE STORIES |

Presidency, greediness and power is what both Raila and Kibaki want to clinch on, and so its better if both step down. The two do not care of the suffering of the Kenyan people, and if they did, both would have come up with a better solution to stop the killings of the innocent people, some did not even cast a vote…

While the killings are continuing both are enjoying their daily bread with butter, eggs and sausages while inciting Kenyans into riots, hatred and massacre….while eating machetes, axes and pangas…

Count on me, even if the tallying was done today and it is announced that Raila has won, there will still be massacres and riots, because one ethnic group does not want to be led by the other ethnic group….and to save Kenya from all these, let both of them step down from the Presidencial contest….KILONZO might be a better option…..butdoisay…

Clay Onyango.


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6 Responses to ““Both Raila and Kibaki Should Step Down”…For The Sake Of Kenyan People!!!”

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Clay dear let’s call a spade a spade, who is refusing with the presidency here? One won 100 seats, the other one 35seats, one won 6 provinces the other one 2 provinces, i’ll let you do the math and come up with the legitimate winner. As for those who doubt rigging can you please explain situation Molo for me 50,000 registered voters, your ‘excellency’ got 75,000 votes and it was announced not once but twice by the coward Kivuitu. So while our beloved country burns and people continue to die by the minute, i’ll always blame cowards like Kivuitu and Kiguoya.

Mr. Clay, my opinion is that you, like many other people and even part of the international media houses maybe missing the whole point. I dont think Kenyans are at war today because one ethnic group does not want to be led by the other…if you have been following kenyan politics longer then you may have noticed that in the election of 2002, Kenyans voted as a block for a presidential candidate….the same one whose re-election is in dispute today. During this election, even Railas ethnic group voted in masses for Mr. Kibaki. Doesnt this tell you that the war today runs deeper than ethnic or tribal differences. I am convinced beyond any reasonable doubt that Kenyans are at war today because they know the elections were flawed. I think what Kenyans are asking for is their democratic right…where is the power of their vote, does it at some point count? And if you doubt if the elections were flawed I reccomend that you urgently get in touch with the ECK (its chairmanship or any of its commissioners or the EU observers for more clarifiactions. Kenya’s Attorney General may also be of help to you…..

Clay, I think you have a valid point and I agree as well. I think this has gone beyond a rigged election. If someone can show me the evidence that the people being killed are directly involved in the rigging of elections, then my opinion will change. If both Raila and Kibaki could just for once not think about themselves and agree to meet to resolve and bring peace and then move on to re-election, I think it would somewhat bring calm. This is purely ethnic cleansing hidden behind a protest of rigged elections. Raila should call for peace and Kibaki should agree to re-election. I know it is hard to accept the truth but let’s stop the fake “it’s all protest” song and agree that the killings are purely meant for one group over others. If the current situation is peaceful protest, where is the man of the people??? Is he not supposed to be with his people that are fighting for his presidency?
Can you imagine what will become of the people that have lost loved ones? What do we tell them when they want to avenge the deaths of their families? Will we agree that it is a protest of unjust killings??? If this is not brought to an end soon, it will be the beginning of a whole new era in Kenyan history – one in which the rivalry of ethnic groups takes hold of the country.
I continue to pray for Kenya and hope for the best.
It can be better than this. Before a petition for anyone to step down, can we have a petition for peace. Raila visted the morgue and I thought he would call for an end to the killings but all he said and has been saying is that this all Kibaki’s fault. Well, sir, you too are at fault.
We need leaders that are objective and subjective to emotion. I support a re-election but only after peace has been restored. No more killing innocent people.

Well said Malengi.

The issue here isn’t so “black and white”. As I see it the violence after election has been determined by three factors:
1. Kibaki’s open and obvious victory snacthing from Odinga.
2. The composition of the ODM pentagon with leaders that have been associated with ethnic clashes now calling for majimbo.
3. The feeling of marginalization of certain peoples and loss of political and economic power after Moi’s rule.

Factor 1 and 2 contributed to the violence in Nairobi and Kisumu, while factor 3 contributed to the violence in Rift Valley (Eldoret etc).

The right thing would obviously be for kibaki to step aside for the rightly winner Odinga but this however only solves solves factor 1. What about factors 2 & 3? These MUST be address since they aren’t just going to go away.

Honestly speaking the policies of both ODM & PNU aren’t condusive for national unity. Each side is baised according to its ethnical power base. If asked, the solution would be to declare Kalonzo prisendent. I would then ban Kibaki and Odinga from running for presidency as they have put personal ambition ahead of national unity, regardless of who is right or wrong, and have behaved like illetrate tribal cheifs. Kenya needs nationalistic and unselfish leadership that lacks in these two.
My two cents.

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