A Presidential Election That Was Not Serious…

Posted on January 1, 2008. Filed under: Butdoisay TRUE STORIES |

evidence of rigging Electoral form-Retrieved from KSB.

Dear Kenyans, if its true this is one of the papers that was involved in the rigging process, then it means that the Kenya goverment did not have a serious Presidential election. The paper has no date of the elections, no signatures of the observers or any electoral personnel and if you look at the figures, observe that there was a big gap between 7 and 9, which means that it would be easy for any one to add a numeric figure.

In the banks when you withdraw or deposit cash, there is always a space where you must indicate the amount in numeric numbers  and then the amount in words so that there would be no alterations on the paper.

In this case, there were no such precautions to avoid such circumstances…..

My God, this was not an application for a Kenyan Identity card or a birth certificate…..but a process of life and death….that has ended up leaving Kenyans dead……and why was it not taken serious?

Not that I am sure its a genuine Presidential election form, but if it was, the Kenya goverment should stop taking Kenyans  for granted…..butdoisay…..

Clay Onyango

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3 Responses to “A Presidential Election That Was Not Serious…”

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this document does not prove any rigging. how come the numerical figure was not added between the 7 and the 9 where there is enough space? why would it have to be added at the end? this kind of documentation could be just mere human imperfection of handwriting. if i was to add a figure i would do so comfortably between the 7 and the 9 and still be on the lead. this has too many reasonable doubts to stand as rigging evidence.

I agree with njoro. Other points are:

– Why are the figures on number of registered voters, valid votes etc blank? (at the top of the document). Is this really an official document or just a pretend thing?

– I doubt Nakuru town has only 79 PNU supporters. I spent time in Nakuru town and doubt only 79 voted Kibaki.

– I would belive a figure of 790 PNU. Imagine this being the case and this document had 790 written “funnily” as to create rigging evidence. This would cause havoc and mayhem! If this is the case the people responsible are some of the ones behind the killings going on.

– Why hasn’t this “evidence” being presented in the Kenyan media. Or is Stockholm the center of Kenya politics nowadays?

I smell a bit fat RAT!

The look of it tells you, thats a desperate cheap propaganda.

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