Save Kenya From War…

Posted on December 31, 2007. Filed under: Butdoisay TRUE STORIES |

Recount all the votes through the media and if possible international ambassadors if this would save Kenya from a civil war. Kenyans are peace loving people and it takes very little reasoning to save Kenyans from the ongoing war.

The delay and some few mistakes that were made during the elections are of course the reason for the ongoing war…and this can be avoided by President Kibaki….

Clay Onyango.


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3 Responses to “Save Kenya From War…”

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Yes, Peace must be restored at all costs. The campaign is also going on at

Clay, once the president has been sworn in, it is too late – any issues arising therefore are addressed in court. The opposition does not have confidence the Kenyan law given that new judges were appointed a few days to the elections.
There has to be another way. We cannot afford this loss of innocent lives anymore. I hope all the leaders work together to bring about peace since they are the ones who spearhead tribalism.


All Kenyans MUST today rise and condemn to the highest degree the abhorable manner in which their freedom, lives and rights have been snatched away by power-hungry-heartless individuals.

Kenya being a young democracy has been appluaded; domestically and internationally in the last few years for the tremendous growth by its people politically. It is such a shame that something this valuable that Kenyans have invested so much time (decades)in can be robbed in just 48 hours.

I take this opportunity to show respect to the now over 300 hundred Kenyans that have so far lost their lives….lives that could have been saved if only cowards like Mr. Kivuitu were brave enough not to give in to ‘pressure’ and stand up for Kenyans. It is such a shame that a respected institution like the ECK can let kenyans down to the level that it has; only to satisfy the greed and heartlessness of few individuals. The ECK was a body entrusted by kenyans and even the international community to bear the electoral torch for kenya,what they have instead given kenyans is bloodshed and an uncertain future; a future that may forever be marred by an uncalled for ethnic hatred. I hope people like Kivuitu do not sleep at night in the wake of the agony of innocent kenyans.

Kivuitu’s confession today is by all means a cowardly act that only shows his level of heartlessness in the wake of despair and pain among kenyans. Lives have been lost and deep ethnic wounds opened that will take decades to heal.

We have a ‘president -elect’, who was voted in ‘freely and fairly’ by the people of Kenya. It is surprising that the same people who voted in ‘our president’ are today in the greatest pain of their lives. Their freedom of movement,freedom of information and speech have since been curtailed. These people have today been slaughtered, burnt alive, shot dead, orphaned,left homeless, so unsure of what tommorrow holds. The kenyan people who were once proud of their peaceful country are today sent running from the same country, seeking refuge in neighbouring countries.

And the worst thing of all is that democracy and freedom may have suffered an early death in kenya FOREVER. Who will ever again get up at 4 a.m to go cast their votes when at the end of the day, their votes, voices and choices dont count?

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