We Wish Raila A Merry Christmas And Kibaki A Happy New Year!!!!

Posted on December 30, 2007. Filed under: Butdoisay TRUE STORIES |

As the controversial Kenya elections come to a halt with President Kibaki our new president elect, we wish to wish Hon Raila a Merry Christmas and President Kibaki a happy new year.

With all the international observers in Kenya to watch the elections, ODM should admit defeat and enjoy working with President Kibaki in the few coming years.

Kenyans should thank God that all those  corrupt MP´s in Kibakis goverment are out and Kenyans have voted new reliable MP´s to lead Kenya.

Kenyans should on the other hand give Hon Raila a handful of applause, a standing ovation and respect full of love for struggling to make a change in Kenya and we do hope that he will get a chance of ruling Kenya, unchalleged in 2012 as our President……and the struggle continues….VIVA KENYA….butdoisay…

Clay Onyango.


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4 Responses to “We Wish Raila A Merry Christmas And Kibaki A Happy New Year!!!!”

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Doubts remain over tallying of presidential race results

The Chief Observer of the EU Election Observation Mission (EU EOM), Mr Alexander Graf Lambsdorff, Member of the European Parliament, issued the following statement on Sunday about the announcement of the winner of the presidential election for the Republic of Kenya:

“Once again, we would like to commend Kenyan citizens for the strong commitment to peace and democracy that they showed on election day.

“With a view to the presidential elections, however, we believe that, at this time, the Electoral Commission of Kenya (ECK), despite the best efforts of its chairman, Mr Samuel Kivuitu, has not succeeded in establishing the credibility of the tallying process to the satisfaction of all parties and candidates.

“We regret that it has not been possible to address irregularities about which both the EU EOM and the ECK have evidence.

The result for the Molo constituency, for example, was announced in the presence of EU EOM Observers at the constituency tally centre as 50,145 votes for President Kibaki, while the ECK today declared the result for the President to be 75,261 votes.

“Because of this and other irregularities, some doubt remains as to the accuracy of the result of the presidential election as announced today.

“We call on the leaders of Kenya to maintain this spirit of peace and democracy so admirably shown by the people of Kenya on Thursday, December 27.”

How about this Mr. Clay Onyango….international press present……

As Kenyans go through this difficult post elections time, I would like to urge all Kenyans not to let the events of today trigger any unwise actions.
As peace loving Kenyans, we take great pride in our nation and the whole world has time and again applauded us on our sense of restraint and our ability to cope with situations that would otherwise turn nasty.
The battle for justice is a never ending one. There is no perfect situation – we live by the best option which, should be arrived at wisely.
Let us not feed the minds of Kenyans with literature that is unhealthy at this point and time. To capitalize on the vulnerability of the situation at this time should be avoided at all costs. The country is bigger than Kibaki, Kalonzo and Raila.

Wakenya tafadhali musitoane damu; hii ni agano jipya. Tuhifadhi upendo na umoja.


If truly rigging was involved,its really sad…could this be the same case as Al gore and George Bush some years ago? We need to get a better way of voting,either by finger prints or any other modern way….butdoisay..


President Bush has offered his congratulations to Hon. Kibaki following the controversial election results in Kenya. Great Britain and EU have all expressed concern and doubts over the irregularities experienced, the gagging of the press and the State’s use of violence on civilians.
President Bush was behind Benazir Bhutto’s return and as a result of her violent death, the US foreign policy is in tatters. America is directly responsible for what is going on in Pakistan at the moment.
Iraq is in shambles because of a war that should never have been. Once again, President Bush has failed to demonstrate to the free world why he went to war.
Kenya, on the other hand, with Bush openly supporting Hon. Kibaki, will only plunge our country into more chaos. If President Bush is unable to convey a reconciliatory message, I strongly suggest he shuts up!


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