Kenya Elections-Stay Calm Says Masai Warrior…

Posted on December 28, 2007. Filed under: Butdoisay TRUE STORIES |

Fellow Kenyans,

We must stay calm and united as we wait the announcement of the general election’s result that is seeing the incumbent President, Hon, Kibaki and the opposition presidential candidate Hon. Odinga in a very tight tie.

Kenyans are requested to stay harmonious.

All Kenyans are peace loving people longing to see our people through a productive transition period. We have always identified that to change, we must adjust ourselves internally and be receptive to changes. We are determined to work for change whether President Kibaki stays or not.

Hon Odinga has promised so much and the people have now made their decisions. Our desire is to see fair and just results. We hope that the speculations of irregularities that might have been experienced in some voting stations may not have had any negative impact on what was supposed to be a fair game.

As the chairman of CCM Sweden, I fully stand by the Hon. Odinga’s side while we wait to see what the people of Kenya has decided.

It is our democratic right to respect decisions of all individuals whether they go contrary to our wishes or not as long as justice has been applied.

In case of any irregularities, we must remember that there are legal bodies who take charge and regulate all issues. It is ony the ICK who have the mandate to officially announce the elections results. It is therefore wise to avoid all un necesary speculations.

I take this opportunity to wish the NARC KS and the Kibaki tena lobby group led by brother Njoroge and Mzee Muirani all the best while we wait to see what Kenyans have decided.

The ODM brothers in Sweden are assured of my support as well, hoping that Raila and us emerge as winners this evening. It’s my dream that our fellow brothers from the Kibaki government would realize the the sad reality that we are not equally represented.

We are all working to be productive, fair and welcoming even when we do not agree with each other on political issues.

When Odinga wins, the Diaspora Kenyans will be allowed to vote from abroad, own multi citizenship, and above all federalism will be assumed in our nation where real changes will be realized

I am longing to see a federal government in the very near future where resources are divided fairly among all Kenyans whether at home or abroad. We must think wide and long term. Community planning is a dynamic tool that we must apply to foster good governance in our society.

I am longing to see our communities re educated on the the true meaning of federalism unlike the misleading education we have received from the successive regimes.

We cannot continue to live in a lie. Our children must be rightfully educated with the true history our country and widen their capacity. We must redress issues that help us identify our position in the map of this universe.

Above all, I am certain that we are working towards the same goal, food, shelter and freedom for all Kenya.

Happy and productive transitional New Year 2008 to you.

May God bless you all.

The Chairman CCM Swede

Saidimu Ole Ngais.


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