Beryl Remembers The Dead…

Posted on December 28, 2007. Filed under: Butdoisay TRUE STORIES |

Hats off for my dear late parents Gorretty and John Otumba. Individuals whose both lives and deaths have created me. With each single passing day, I try to live by their ideals and to keep their memories alive. Though been gone for 15 and 10 years respectively, my heart still bleeds for them, I still adore them, still miss them. I have made a solmen promise on my life to celebrate them forever.

To my big brother Dancun a.k.a daddy, who was brutally killed by a hit and run car. My love for you hasnt faded in the least. All I hang on to is the belief and hope that your troubled soul is now rested; close to mammas and daddys. Loved you in life, love you in death and while I am not so sure of the ‘meeting again’ theory I am content that our paths crossed on earth…couldnt have asked for more.

To my maternal granpa, the most political person I ever met…ope you still believe that I can be the first female MP in rarieda. Plse take care of mamma for me.

To my paternal grandparents, never met granpa, and knew granma shortly but am glad you raised my dad the way you did becoz no one beats him in fatherhood…DEAD OR ALIVE.

To Benazir Bhutto, your courage and commitment to democracy and change has touched our lives. You have died for what you stand for…risked all you had and I believe its not all in vain. Your courage, commitments and bravery will see the light of day…some day. I hope you look down with pride because sooner or later, your unfinished fight will change the face of Pakistan.

To Martin Luther King JR, because of your beliefs and fights, my people are almost free. It was never in vain, will never be. The history you created has saved millions of lives and freed thousands. Thanx for dreaming!

To all the brave women and men, who continue to risk their lives, in the fight for democracy and fairness in the world…HATS OFF!


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