Mukami Remembers The Dead And Gives Thanks….

Posted on December 20, 2007. Filed under: Butdoisay TRUE STORIES |

I remember my grandad who I never met but a true warrior-courageous,loyal,driven, committed. True qualities that rubbed on to my dad and to my family. He raised my dad to fight for what he believes in. (if you don´t stand for something you fall for anything philosophy)Daddy constantly reminds me of that.
To my grandma Mukami who passed away suddenly when I was here in sweden. sudden illness that was not favourable to her old age. didn´t get the chance to say goodbye. my true inspiration. I try to emulate her.
My other grandma Jane who hated nairobi with a passion. Preferred to stay at the countryside, a fighter to death. Got malaria and passed away at the same city she didn´t like. First ever visit to the morgue and first funeral I went to.
To my neighbourhood pal Fredrick who passed away one day after my visit to kenya due to alcohol. Had a painful death that he didn´t deserve. Funniest dude I ever knew and all the kids loved him. His “mchongoanos” were the mutha as long as they were not directed to you.
My aunty Monica who suffered for a while with headaches that turned out to be a tumor that took her life. A true ride or die lady. Admired her spirit and courage. She raised her kids right regardless of what she was personally going through. The empty void that was left is still felt.
Didn´t know them personally but respect to Pac and Biggie, passed away brutally (ya´ll know) They should be sitting at the pool table with Hova, nas and Diddy on the Roc Boys video. True soldiers!!!
Also E-sir,Aaliyah,Left Eye, Luther. We did not meet them personally but their music inspired and influenced us in many ways.
Gone but mos def never forgotten.
Damn, I could continue but my prayers to all of them. Hope their spirits did rest in peace. You´re right clay, we should be thankful that we are still alive to celebrate this christmas and new year (God Willing)….andimfeelinglife….butdoisay…



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