Why Purity, Awuor Might Have Won the Wuor (War)!!!

Posted on December 13, 2007. Filed under: Butdoisay TRUE STORIES |

In the first round before the referee introduced the two opponents, Kenyans in Stockholm vs Purity Muhindi, the crowd booed Purity when she appeared wearing her usual boxing African attire….by the look of the dress, the boxing gloves could be seen protruding from the african boxing dress she was wearing, and for those who have bionic eyes….they could see that inside the gloves, there were some small bits of irons enough to knock down her opponent, Kenyans in Stockholm.

She arrived so composed though a little  bit shaken, but was supported by her seconder who knows how to deal with every situation in Puritys life, Awuor…..Awuor is always at “wuor”, no one scares her, she has been at “wuor” ever since she was born and she knows how to deal with wuors…(wars).

As Purity was saying hallo to her funs and enemies…with her usual smile and charm…nothing looked unusual to her….since she could even greet the crowd that had come to support the other opponent…..Kenyans in Stockholm.

As the other opponent (Kenyans in Stockholm) was arriving..the hall filled with hot tempers…and you would hear Nellys hymns…”its getting hot in here”…but Purity and Awuor were prepared for a total Pure wuor(war)….you could see blue uniformed bouncers outside from afar, with initials on their car signed total wuor….and  you know Kenyans are scared of these initials they dont like them…..they sober up when they see them….

They had a strategy, wheel chairs were ordered in advance, Kanywaji was also ordered in plenty to knock down the Stockholm crowd, since that is their best weak- point,  and as they were enjoying the Kanywaji , that was farmenting inside their stomaches very fast….they were also loosing their memories hence forgetting that they were at wuor(war) with Purity and thought that they were there to fight themselves thus exchanging friendly missiles like the US in Iraq….. 

In order for Kenyans to win any war in Stockholm, they should  learn to give up alcohol and concentrate on dealing with  issues affecting them in the right manner otherwise “PURITY AND AWUOR WILL ALWAYS BE DECLARED THE WINNERS”…hence winning by TKO……andamsaying…….BUTDOISAY!!

Clay Onyango.


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