My Strategy As Purity Muhindi…

Posted on December 12, 2007. Filed under: Butdoisay TRUE STORIES |

If I were the ambassador Purity Muhindi, to avoid all these misiles and atomic bombs from attacking me from all sides, I would have several options:

Option one: Postpone the function since she knew what was cookin earlier….the situation was terrible…

Option two: I would behave like Mossad, the israelites intelligence, trick my Kenyan community that the function is at VASA, a pub at vasagatan while the real function is at Sheraton Hotel.

Option three:Call for an emergency meeting with all Kenyans in Stockholm and explain all the accusations diplomatically…

Option four: Ask for an emergency transfer from Scandinavia….

Option Five: Play hide and seek…

Option Six……ADD ….your strategy as Purity Muhindi…….butdoisay….

Clay Onyango.


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One Response to “My Strategy As Purity Muhindi…”

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Option six beg for transfer to india since muhindi and india sound like they were tailor made for each other.

Onto a more serious note, i think dialogue would have been the best way forward, Muhindi should have called for a meeting with Kenyans before today and tried to apologise (if possible) and apologise to the diplomat and his family also, ‘of course on behalf of our Dumb ass kenyan government’. We all know she is acting under instructions from his excellency Nastradumbass himself.
We kenyans have really become hard headed, we want things done our way or the highway and call that $hit democracy? Let me remind you guys democracy is just nothing but dictatorship by majority, compromise is the best way to solve this issue, so while i agree that the embassy did something terrible we shouldn’t even contemplate forgiving them,let’s try and find a common ground with them since we all need each other, and from there on shall we be able to move forward. Like a peace and reconcilliation meeting maybe?PS: I’m just suggesting do not slaughter me pliz!!!!!!!

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