Lets Have A Dialogue-Kanywaji Will Be There,Says Odera….

Posted on December 11, 2007. Filed under: Butdoisay TRUE STORIES |

Hello Kenyan brothers,l read these blogs swith a sense of dread.The dread am feeling is one that ,l believe is a result of what l would call overeaching enthusiasm.The enthusism am talking about is one that l believe should be checked.The energy that is being displayed towards the of office of the Ambassador ,l believe should be channelled more constructively.Is it the office or the person occupying the office that raises the tempo amongst Kenyans in Sweden,Like Clay has asked let us as a mature community take a step back and find out the true picture of what is taking place.The Embassy officials who are being named as orchestrating the deportation of one of thier on ,might in the true sense be caught in a diplomatic web, that they had to act as directed by the Ministry of Forieign Affairs.I do hold the view that attacking the person of the Ambassador is in itself not the way forward ,it would be wiser to take issue with the office not the person per se.I for one will attend the celebrations ,one because its an historical day for us Kenyans,two ,its an opportunity to drive home the fears and anger we are expresing to the very persons that are involved.Three ,there will will be lots of Kanywaji …butdolsay.Lets get real here for once an have dialogue.Throwing mud on the streets will only entrench the officials to ignore even reasonable suggestions……butdoisay…

Tony Odera

for butdoisay…

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One Response to “Lets Have A Dialogue-Kanywaji Will Be There,Says Odera….”

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we know you like mali ya bure pole sana, go drink man and get drunk coz you cant buy yourself. am sure this time you will drink alot coz its only you am sayiing

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