What Are The Prerogative Powers Of An Ambassador?

Posted on December 10, 2007. Filed under: Butdoisay TRUE STORIES |

My dear readers, I am asking these questions because I am not well acguainted with the prerogative powers of an ambassador, I am only familiar with the Presidents prerogative powers where the President has the powers of pardoning an accused who is on death row, or an accused who is facing some kind of life sentence and many more…

What are the responsibilities of Purity as an ambassador regarding all the negative issues that have been going on in Stockholm, since her arrival from Kenya?

I am one of those condemning some of her negative handling of issues sorrounding the diasporans in Stockholm, but could it be that we are overeacting or misjudging her prerogative powers?

And if we are not wrong, do ambassadors take oath as not to apologize or comment on issues that are affecting its citizens before they are posted? I have never seen any ambassador call for an emergency meeting to discuss with the people he or she represents and I feel this is very essential in order to understand the people he/she is representing…..

I remember the late Diplomat James Kiboi used to tell me…”Clay if there are problems within Kenyans in Stockholm, I would call for a dialogue….we sit and have a dialogue”…discuss issues affecting us…but he never lived to have one…but I presume he is having one with the almighty…..and I bet its a good dialogue…coz he was  a good diplomat!!!

Like someone just said, put yourself in Puritys shoes what would you do?……well my legs are too big to fit in her shoes…..but what are the prerogative powers of an ambassador if you have the same shoe size as Puritys?…..butamjustasking…..butdoisay!!

Clay Onyango.

ButdoIsay wishes all Kenyans and the Ailing diplomat a Happy Jamhuri Day……and to the demonstrators…you are sending the right message and I am 100 percent behind you!!!! Sorry I wont be with you….neither will I attend the function….


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2 Responses to “What Are The Prerogative Powers Of An Ambassador?”

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Fully behind you too, my fellow Kenyans,why should we pretend to be celebrating and sweep all the dirt under the carpet and for how long?????????

Hello Kenyan brothers,l read these blogs swith a sense of dread.The dread am feeling is one that ,l believe is a result of what l would call overeaching enthusiasm.The enthusism am talking about is one that l believe should be checked.The energy that is being displayed towards the of office of the Ambassador ,l believe should be channelled more constructively.Is it the office or the person occupying the office that raises the tempo amongst Kenyans in Sweden,Like Clay has asked let us as a mature community take a step back and find out the true picture of what is taking place.The Embassy officials who are being named as orchestrating the deportation of one of thier on ,might in the true sense be caught in a diplomatic web, that they had to act as directed by the Ministry of Forieign Affairs.I do hold the view that attacking the person of the Ambassador is in itself not the way forwar ,it would be wiser to take issue with the office not the person per se.I for one will attend the celebrations ,one because its an historical day for us Kenyans,two ,its an opportunity to driv home the fears and anger we are expresing to the very persons that are involved.Three ,there will will be lots of Kanywaji ,but do l say.Lets get real here for once an have dialogue.Throwing mud on the streets will only entrench the officials to ignore even reasonable suggestions.

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