Anger Kills-Learn To Control It!!!

Posted on December 6, 2007. Filed under: Butdoisay TRUE STORIES |

Just to add on Mukamis article, anger has no drive in life, the more you keep anger inside you, the more devastated you become, we have seen what anger can bring in life, if we take examples like  the school shootings in America and Finland or even some examples in Sweden like when some individuals who were denied  from entering a night club some years ago, they became so angry, and they chose to go and get their guns and get back to revenge,  they ended up killing the door bouncers of the night club, and where did they end up ? In jail for life……

Another example was barely a month ago when 2 individuals quarelled over a  very small issue,  they were separated , but little did they know that the other ones took it as a grudge and their anger drove them to revenge…and while the other 2 were crossing the road at Ostermalm, ( a street in Stockholm), the other 2 came and drove over them killing one of them instantly. The deceased happened to be a young African man, a son to my friend, who had many years and dreams ahead of him….So lets learn to control anger….and turn it into  forgiveness…..can I also get an AMEN…as there are so many examples that we cannot finish……….butdoisay….

Clay Onyango.


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5 Responses to “Anger Kills-Learn To Control It!!!”

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You seem to have mixed up anger, revenge and justice. Anger gives raise to revenge but do not confuse that with the retribution that comes from justice being meted out. Kenyans have suffered over the years due to denied justice and they are angry I assure you, but they are not taking up arms nor comtemplating driving over anyone. Kenyans want justice and fair play. Those commiting acts of inhumanity like the embassy should know that Kenyans will not stand for it. Those preying on Kenyans, sexually or monetarily, because they have no makaratasi will face the anger of Kenyans. So say what you will but evil has to be confronted head on no matter what. Some Kenyans do evil things hiding behind the bible or in the guise of “business”. We are watching you and we will give back as much as you have given.

AMEN, AMEN, Clay and Mukami!!

I kind of agree with all of you,Mukami, Nonino,Clay, Truly kenyan et al, so i’m confused as all of you have a strong point, so let me continue to sit on the fence on this one!!!!!!!!!!

I got your message nonino…sorry I wont publish it,but I just wish i would know
who u are…butdoisay…

Hasira = hasara.

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