We Should Learn To Forgive And Maybe Not Forget…

Posted on December 5, 2007. Filed under: Butdoisay TRUE STORIES |

After a thourough thinking about the whole saga involving the Embassy and the ailing diplomat, what do we achieve by boycotting our Jamhuri day holidays? This is our national day and it has nothing to do with the ruling party, the ambassador, the embassy and the ailing diplomat.

Sorry if I am contradicting myself, but I was angry and dissappointed….when I said “A BOYCOTT WAS A MUST”.

This day will always exist to be remembered, whether ODM or PNU rules…. and why should we boycott it? We did achieve our goal by rescueing the ailing diplomat and why should´nt we attend Jamhuri day ceremony and  enjoy or maybe celebrate  that the ailing diplomat is with us and being taken care of.

One of the embassy diplomats  Mr George Kinyua , who has been with us on different occassions is also leaving soon for Canada, maybe this will be another chance of saying good bye to him and his family, he has been one of us and we  wish him all the best as he continues to serve our country diplomatically.

We should learn to forgive and maybe not forget…but I wish I could say and forget…..though its always difficult to forget…..lets forgive and attend our JAMHURI DAY CEREMONY if a function is being arranged by the Embassy… see you there!!!!….butdoisay….

Clay Onyango.


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15 Responses to “We Should Learn To Forgive And Maybe Not Forget…”

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clay, you are just a wanker and hipocrate. You probably just want to suck up to the diplomats as usaul. Shame!

Nobody is perfect and nway as UNITED KENYANS we succeede in ensuring that the ailing diplomat was not deported.Lazima twende tukafurahie MATUNDA YA UHURU ama.

Nonino call me anything,but am past putting anger and hatred within
myself and thats why probably I smile all the time….I dont know who you
are but I guess you so frustrated in life and unhappy….and am just
joking…..Dont worry!!! I will send lego Maria to pray for you so that you can SMILE
and learn to forgive……..butdoisay….

I will be there in full swing cause I feel it
is my responsibility to do so….

Well said clay,Its good for one to forgive and when one forgives, you do a service to yourself.God is doing a miracle here in stockholm.God bless you my inlaw.

I just have one question because its kinda funny that everyone always sucks up to Clay, what ever he says there is always a crowd of “ja sayers” to follow him, who is this mystery person and why the sucking up? anyways its funny to read so u guys continue to do it… i just want to know why, nice to see noninos comment tho, nice to see there are people who think for themselves instead of kissing
a** Butdoisay!!!!!

Forgive and try to forget….Its all about bringing humility back. There is nothing as burdening as carrying anger, and thoughts of revenge around. Shit happens all the time but one needs to reach a point where one is not controlled by bitter thoughts.There´s always some good in any bad situation. In this example we learnt about how the embassy operates sometimes which was not good but at least we know. We also learnt that even with the differences we have as individuals, we can cooperate to help our fellow Kenyan in his time of need (PAMOJA philosophy still rocks!!),etc…
to be trully happy as an individual, don´t allow any negative energy all up in your space. I encourage ya´ll to read Romans 12:8-21 ( especially 16-21). simple guide to living..
can I get an AMEN……

….Wonderful comments i read. Forgiving is WEAKNES, fear for life. U.S.A is a great nation because it will never forgive. Everyone can see thise in politics, From Kenyan leaders to some nations competing in manufuctering weapons of mass Destruction. We are all animals, I EAT YOU BEFORE YOU EAT ME. Like the Westerners eat africans and call them apes. You have to learn to respond to fire with fire, thats when you will survive or your children will survive, otherwise there are chances that you help in breading slaves.

I dont think we need to forgive people like Purity who are very ruthless. Revennge is a good motto and i will never forgive the guy who raped my mother infront of me.Go to hell with your forgiveness coz even jesus christ never forgave the people who killed him. He was helpless thats why he persuded them by saying “my body is afraid but my soul is ready” What happened to them later, it is history. Christians are the most ruthless people that i have ever met in my life. Tell me any un-ruthless king in the bible and i will tell you 10 of them who killed millions in the name of doing God’s work. By the way did you know that David wanted to kill his brother so that he can marry his wife? How many people did King David kill? You have a homework. I am saved and i worship myself and i forgive nobody becouse they have never forgiven me. Saved.

Saved: you said it, there are things in life you cant and wont ever forgive, and there are people who dont deserve to be forgiven cause they are EVOL, they need to get punished and taught a lesson, it pisses me of when people use bible quotes on how to live, cause all of us doesnt belive in god, and seriousley, how many of people who call themselves cristian actually live by the laws and directions of the bible? -none not even ministers do so please cut the bible talk and start to be realistic,
forgivness yes, there are things we can forgive and move on from but evol can never be forgiven, hate is a human feeling just like its opposite, love and believe me hate can be a very strong and good driving force in life…butdoisay…

Hi L,can you please give me an example of how hate can be a good driving force in life,
I agree with you on the other issues but not this one dear…give me just one example…

people people.. no need to get all worked up. L.. there are people who are EVIL as you say but at the end of the day we are all different and have different ways of dealing with them. I have my stress free way of thinking and dealing with them as I have written. I looooove my bible talk because thats my guide. YOu have your guide too, whatever makes you sleep at night. Bible talk lovers once again..Romans 12.16-21 check it out….
my two cents.PEACE……….

mr Clay ill give you a very good example, I have been hurt and treated like shit by people in my life and I hate those people for what they have done, they are evil and i am never going to forgive them, that does not mean that i am an agressive person consumed by anger, but it has given me strength to always carry on no matter what cause if i break down, i prove to them that they were right, i was weak i was a looser, so thats why, my hate towards them keeps me strong keeps me from breaking apart and pushes me to do good in life, they have taught me how much evil people hurt and i never want to become like them so i stay humble strong and decisive and I do hate them deeply with all my heart

Ok, heres my 2 cents. People forgive for different reasons the most common being recognition of a chance to capitalize on a situation. Take this embassy/Jamuhuri day saga. Forgiveness is being suggested because some want to suck up to HE Purity.(Mukami & Co) Just in case there is money to be made went the embassy needs assistance in stockholm (clay the lover of money falls in this category). Its amazing how the people advocating forgiveness think the rest of us are blind to the real reasons behind their strategy. This is very shameful! Eat with the embassy and do not drag Kenyans with you please. We see what people are through their actions.

Nonino….with your anger that is very much itching inside u, please do your home work
and find out what my position was during the Embassy saga…and if you find out, maybe
you will love to appreciate Clay….andamsaying!!….do your homework..DEBE TUPU HUPIGA

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