60 Percent Chance Of Contracting Aids If Not Circumcised????

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World Aids day has just passed and in case you missed, there was  a documentary on Cnn`s, Inside Africa program that there is a 60 percent chance of contracting HIV if one is not circumcised, they brought a Kenyan citizen from Nyanza province, Western Kenya who decided to overlook his culture and got circumcised. He was abit criticized by the elders in Nyanza for his actions… but he said he did what he thought was good for him, to reduce the high risks of contracting the disease.

…..And then I wonder, if this is true…. why is it that many Swedes are not circumsized and they are less vulnerable? And for those Swedes who are infected, did they get infected from the outside world?

Just wondering… if this topic has some truth in it …….is it time to get circumcized, abstain from practising sex or turn to  using condoms? The choice is yours…….butdoisay……

Am enclosing some early symtoms of Hiv….Read!!

These are the early symptoms of HIV infection….
Many people do not develop any symptoms when they first become infected with HIV. Some people, however, get a flu-like illness within three to six weeks after exposure to the virus. This illness, called Acute HIV Syndrome, may include fever, headache, tiredness, nausea, diarrhoea and enlarged lymph nodes (organs of the immune system that can be felt in the neck, armpits and groin). These symptoms usually disappear within a week to a month and are often mistaken for another viral infection.
During this period, the quantity of the virus in the body will be high and it spreads to different parts, particularly the lymphoid tissue. At this stage, the infected person is more likely to pass on the infection to others. The viral quantity then drops as the body’s immune system launches an orchestrated fight.
More persistent or severe symptoms may not surface for several years, even a decade or more, after HIV first enters the body in adults, or within two years in children born with the virus. This period of “asymptomatic” infection varies from individual to individual. Some people may begin to have symptoms as soon as a few months, while others may be symptom-free for more than 10 years. However, during the “asymptomatic” period, the virus will be actively multiplying, infecting, and killing cells of the immune system.

Clay Onyango.



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2 Responses to “60 Percent Chance Of Contracting Aids If Not Circumcised????”

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I think all this hysteria about HIV is so over rated yed it is a cronical disease yes, but if you take medications you can still live long healthy normal life, and it is not that contageus as some people think its usually 1 out of a hundred unprotected intercourses that contage, so it is a disease that takes lives but that is in third world countries not here, in sweden people who are infected can even become parents and have healthy children so the spreading is alarming but i guess cancer or heart disease is worse? i think the risk of contracting that and evven loose your life is bigger?

Thanx to both of you 4 enlightening us further, still ABSTAINANCE is the best, circumcission is just propaganda, coz waweza kuwa ume katwa lakini unahanya sana,while your pal aweza kuwa haja katwa lakini ame chill!!!!!!! whose safer???????

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