Mwauras Family Reunion-A Good Pupil Learns Slowly!!!

Posted on December 1, 2007. Filed under: Butdoisay TRUE STORIES |

Wow is all I can say….”If you want to be a good pupil learn slowly” these were the words from Mum Mukuru Mukundi. For your information, Kenya has many qualified, unknown professors, if you listened to Mum Mukurus speech yesterday at Mwauras family reunion. Congrats once again Mr Mwaura for the achievement you have pursued for a long time.

Many bad things have been said and will be said about Mwaura, but just dont listen to them and build your family , was the message given to Mwauras wife to be. Sweden has many hypocrities that work for ones down fall, they pretend to be your friends but talk behind your back…..was another message..

Mr and Mrs Mwaura were also adviced to adhere to the long relationships that has been running in the family for ages through thick and thin……and to add to that….Mr Mwaura , follow my steps, I heard people talking on how long they have been together , 11 years ,15 years,  but incase you did not know, I have known my wife for 22 years, we have had ups and downs as a girlfriend and a boyfriend and the more we  grow the prettier she becomes in my eyes and  the stronger our relationship gets and I hope we will live to be like Mr and Mrs Mukuru Mukundi…..another very good example of a Kenyan family life, we both have a chain of a long unbwogable relationships in our families…..

I was very impressed by speeches from different characters  is all I can say…..butdoisay!!!

To pastor Samson…though we could not make it to your family reunion, we do congrat you and wish your family all the best and May God Bless You All!!!

Clay Onyango.  


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