Caught Red Handed By The Daughter In Action…

Posted on November 28, 2007. Filed under: Butdoisay TRUE STORIES |

Sorry …this is nasty but just for laughs….I met a friend of a friend in a cafeteria and then we started talking about life, the kids and everything, he is living with a white girlfriend, and then he was like, I dont know whats wrong with my girlfriend, she teaches our kid some funny behaviors that I dont understand, I then asked him…. “like what kind of behaviours?”

He goes like… sometimes when am just standing or unaware, the kid touches my goods and teases me….I was like what? ????

And then he continues…yeahhh… you know the mother plays with hers jokingly…like …”you know you have to wash this guliguli otherwise it will be dirty” while touching it……..then I was oh my God….are you serious? And then he goes like, yes its good for her so that she can learn about  these things at an early age……

My friends am I dreaming or this is normal ? I cannot imagine my wife teaching our kids this behaviors at this early age…would you?

And then he ends up by telling me a story….

The other day as we were making out in our bedroom, the doggy doggy style…he felt somebody touching his ….ss and when looked behind it was his 4 year old daughter touching him….the kid was like….what are you doing daddy? And he answered, am playing with mummy…and then the kid goes like.. but you dont play with your clothes off daddy…..people dont play without clothes?…He did not know what to do but stopped the process and took the kid to sleep……Never underestimate the brains of a kid…..always lock the bedroom door during that process……..butdoisay…

Clay Onyango.


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