Clays Plane -Hijacked By The Talibans….

Posted on November 27, 2007. Filed under: Butdoisay TRUE STORIES |

I have to share this with you, I just came back from Paris as I had mentioned earlier, on my way back, the plane was full of French speaking people and I and my son were the only black people. As the passengers were ascending the plane my son pointed at 2 people that looked like the Talibans….if you do not know who the talibans are…these were the merciless  people who were ruling Afganistan before they were overthrown by the USA.

“Look at these people dad, they look like the talibans, i hope they wont bomb this plane” said Daddy, my son.

Where are they ? I looked around  to see if they had big beards as they usually do….and I ignored them…..

Later on as the plane took off …. I became unconscious…..and that is when the disaster started……

The Talibans got up and shouted that they were hijacking the plane to Afganistan from Paris….fortunately this Talibans were speaking swahili, and i convinced them that instead of taking off to Afganistan we should take off to Nairobi, where I would help them  acquire our citizenship,  they agreed and went for it…..

As the plane was diverted to Nairobi, I persuaded the talibans to try and convince every passenger to give them the Euros and mobiles they had so that they can use the money to enjoy themselves in Masai mara and Koinange streets as tourists….and  they agreed…..I then wondered…why are they agreeing to everything I was telling them?

Kumbe the talibans, had a plan…sorry am sleepy……find out what happened  with the plane and the talibans on the next episode…..butdoisay…

Clay Onyango.


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4 Responses to “Clays Plane -Hijacked By The Talibans….”

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I bet you woke up sweaty and realised you had been dreaming eh!!! what a dream!!!!!!!!!!
Me i dreamt that we were leaving in a peacefull world where no one was hungry and everyone showed love to each other, then i woke up and continued day dreaming that the world should be like that and it’s possible!!!!!!!!!!!!

….clay did you forget to take your medicine…hehehhe.

Baba, why are you revealing my nightmare? Then its the end of the story!!!
haujazuba siyo???? LOL…

Hio ndege ina-kaa ni kama wewe ndio ulisororwa nama French kama Tali-B Ngozi..haha

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