Boycott Of Jamhuri Day Celeb A Must!!!.

Posted on November 26, 2007. Filed under: Butdoisay TRUE STORIES |

To show solidarity and remorse to the ailing diplomat and his entire family, Kenyans and friends should boycott Jamhuri day celebration that will be organised by the embassy  in Sweden.

Its time Kenyans in diaspora should show all Kenyan embassies in diaspora that they matter and they exist and should be treated as enployers of the diplomats.

The embassies in diaspora are not only to help the tourists to acquire visas but to support we in diaspora in case of any problem or need.

The diplomats exist because we exist in diaspora and so without us in diaspora there would be no embassy at all. 

If the diplomats themselves can be treated this way, what about we gasia in diaspora?

There will be a party organized by sounds of blackness where we can celebrate Jamhuri day in style and maybe pray for the ailing diplomat……..butdoisay…….

Clay Onyango.


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6 Responses to “Boycott Of Jamhuri Day Celeb A Must!!!.”

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Why not arrange a small harambee too? I understand that the diplomat’s salary was stopped months ago. Jameni!

…..”There will be a party organized by sounds of blackness where we can celebrate Jamhuri day in style and maybe pray for theailing diplomat ……..butdoisay…….”
I hope this boycott will not be used as publicity for privately organised parties.
Are you advertising for sounds of blackness?.just keep in mind that this is a profitable org, out to make money. I agree with realist, we should probably arrange a fund raising for the family.
Although I believe that the Kenyan gov. should take full responsibility for this- financially, pls count me in should there be a fundraising.
I’ll attend the party, for fun though, not for protest against the Kenyan Embassy.

Thanks truly Kenyan,this is not an advertisement for the sound of blackness but as
an alternative for those who would prefer to go out during that day….I understand
your point and am with you…..good point for a fundraising for the ailing diplomat.

the jamuhuri day celebration should and must be boycotted by all kenyans here in stockholm. to me it does not make sence to go there and drick or eat when akenyan and his family are at the hospital without no house,no school for the poor boy who does not understand why he is not going to school while all other children are in school!? its abig shame surely for those who will go. for me and my friends we will demonstrate outside in solidarity with the ailing diplomat. the muhindi family can drink and eat themself coz i know very soon she will be on her way home am so so sure am saying

I’ve never understood why we celebrate this public holidays in the 1st place that’s why i never bother to attend, with all the suffering in our home country is there really anything we have achieved worth celebrating since the indipendence( we were given)!!!!!!!!

Clay Onyango,l am happy and very glad that you took action,l would say that its time you got the respect that you have earned.The Ambassador spat is ,to say the least very disturbing,However we as a comunity of Kenyans ,should also school ourselves in the basics of diplomatic cum beauracratic protocal.Its not a defence of Ambassadr Muhindi ,she might have been given orders ,and as civil servant,whats her choice.I believe that its was conciously her moral decision to have the officer deported ,in civil language ,her hands were tied.Clay keep it real.You are doing fine.

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