Tony Nyadundos Song No Kenya National Anthem!!!

Posted on November 19, 2007. Filed under: Butdoisay TRUE STORIES |

With 37 days to go, Kenyans are preparing for the return of President Kibaki as the President for the next 5 years or the elect of Hon Raila Odinga as our new President for the next five years.

What Kenyans should realize is by being tribalistic none of these 2 Presidential candidates can win with his own tribe…there is no way Luos can win the Presidency if they go it by themselves, and there is no way the kikuyus can go it alone and win the Presidency without the involvement of other Kenyan tribes….

Some luos have gone as far as naming some songs as the national anthem….there is no way Tony Nyadundos song will be Kenyas national anthem….yes we do love his music and admire his lyrics but as for our national anthem….this should be forgotten and respected…..we have had 3 Presidents before ….a Kikuyu, a Kalenjin and a Kikuyu but never have I EVER heard any of the mentioned tribe describe a song as the NATIONAL ANTHEM….

During Kenyattas era we had Kamaro who had such wonderful hits just as Tony Nyadundos at this time  but I never heard the Kikuyus term Kamaros song a national anthem…

During Mois era there was EEHHH…..a Kalenjin singer… I dont know if they have any….who had such good hits as Kamaro and Nyadundo but I never heard the same….and during Kibakis era we have had a one man guitar artist with MUGITHI  a very famous hit…and never did I hear Mungithi being baptised as a national anthem….so lets respect our national anthem as it is………and let Kenyans vote for the right candidate…..we still appreciate our artists songs though…!!!…..butdoisay……

Click to Enjoy  Nyadundos dawa ya machozi..

Click to Enjoy Kamaro..

Click to Enjoy RUFTONE…. MWIKULU EVEN LUHYAS  can sing……

Click to enjoy isanda gi hera…

Clay Onyango.


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3 Responses to “Tony Nyadundos Song No Kenya National Anthem!!!”

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The song that was nicknamed “national anthem” was “isanda gi hera”, simply because this song was so popular, played at places like carnivore, KQ flight to Nairobi from AMS etc..
I honestly do not believe that Luos believe it is the national anthem, but hey, if a song is so liked that it is played more often that the real national anthem, we could as well nickname it so….

Thanks truly Kenyan…I admitt I enjoy this one too….cheers

Agree with you Truly kenyan, a big hit is usually called a national anthem, or even a ghetto anthem, doesn’t mean it should replace the national anthem though butdoisay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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