8 Out Of 10 Kenyans Hiv Infected???

Posted on November 14, 2007. Filed under: Butdoisay TRUE STORIES |

“122 Kenyans in Sweden HIV positive” 

With HIV rate spreading this fast, one wonders how our so called bright future looks like? Having spoken to a friend last week in Kenya, we really have to get scared this time….. she was looking for a job somewhere in Kenya, and to get this job, they had to do a Hiv test, they were 10 in numbers and out of this 10, ONLY 2 were negative the rest were hiv positive…could it be that for every 10 Kenyans 8 are infected with the virus in Kenya?  

And then came the 122 figures of the Kenyans infected in Sweden….isnt this so alarming…seems like this is the disease that was sent to get rid of the whole world….is God displeased with this generation like he was during the great floods….when he adviced Noah to build an ark to accomodate his family….”NOAHS ARK” read chapter 7 of GENESIS…for more information.

For those victims who are in Sweden, there is a medicine called Broms medicine that is believed to prolong life. With this medicine, one looks very healthy from outside but still infected with HIV. Could this be one reason why its spreading that fast, because one would not tell who the victim  is and you end up  hooking up.

What precautions can we take?  We cannot avoid, admiring, mingling and drinking alcohol which leads to a “short circuit”, which leads to unprotected sex….. maybe with a HIV victim.

Is it enough to ask a newly acquired partner if she or he is safe…and if the answer is yes…to fall on the trap and practice “nyama kwa nyama principle”…as we always put it? I DONT THINK SO!!! 

On the other hand, using a condom is not that safe too….coz it can burst anytime with the friction involved….and so what option do we have?

Maybe give up sex for good….its time to discuss this issue without being shy………butdoisay…….

“If you know that you are infected, kindly make use of this blog and advice some victims how to go about with the Broms medicine or any other good HIV information…we would really appreciate…you can use a disguised name”….thanks in advance..

Clay Onyango.


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4 Responses to “8 Out Of 10 Kenyans Hiv Infected???”

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For Kenyans who do not know! It is possible to take HIV test(HIV)..anonymous, meanig you dont go on any record exept you appear on statistics. And after knowing your position, there are organisations that are at hand to help victims with regardless of papers or not. Dont die in silence. And then there is no other better protection than CONDOM.

very good advice for those kenyans who know that
thy are hiv positive to come out and speak so that
all kenyans here can know how the hiv is here!!
as far as i know its only two kenyans that have
come out spoken! where are the rest 120? you might
think that nobody knows about it but the swedish
goverment knows and has told all of the 122 to be
telling pple b4 any sex takes place.jaribuni kushow
wakeya hivi ndivyo mambo iko.use thise blog coz
it is used by many kenyans.once again thanks Clay
for raising this issue in agood way

Thanks Zip and man kebi for not zipping on this issue, its time to UNZIP with a Condom!!!!

Abstainance my friends is the best way to go,much more safer, otherwise try being faithfull and if all fails look at lots of porn and wank a lot, same pleasure or almost butdoisay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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