CNN In Touch With Butdoisay!!!

Posted on November 6, 2007. Filed under: Butdoisay TRUE STORIES |

Immediately after publishing the article regarding the young boy that was sentenced to be crushed by a car for stealing bread in a supermarket in Iran, I got a phone call from CNN who wanted to know more about the incident, I provided the little information I knew and I hope it will help bring the culprits into jail or maybe bring awareness to what is going on worldwide in the name of a religion. 

We are not against any religion in the world but we have to face the reality and remove some laws and behaviors , that will affect our children, and the entire society. This poor child had a reason to steal, maybe he was hungry and needed something to eat to keep him going….he did not deserve the punishment he received at all……

This kind of behavior will never change if we do not let the whole world know what is going on, all in the name of a religion be it Catholic, Protestant, Orthodox or Islam……..butdoisay…

Clay Onyango.


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5 Responses to “CNN In Touch With Butdoisay!!!”

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Let it also be known that the very thing is occurs in Kenya as well. Shouldnt we in kenya also have laws that protect our citizens and society as well????
Why are you then supporting the Kenyan Goverment ??????
I like reading your site but be objective…

Hi Muthoni,I have never supported the Kenya goverment in such an incident,
and I would actually be happy to create awareness if such an incident
happened in Kenya, has there been any child that was punished this way in
Kenya for stealing a bicycle leave alone bread really? Please make me be
aware now….butamasking….

Hi Clay!!!! Who is this JENNY on your blogg“ recent comments“ ? on Oops“ it happens again that is intending to log into my hotmail. I am considering to report this to police & Let HIM/HER know that it purnishable.

Hi zip just zip coz no one is trying to enter your hotmail,when I click on Jennys name it appears
hotmail and it does not show whose hotmail it is,Jenny is just another disquised person like Zip.So take it easy and enjoy Dunia mbaya by princess Jully…thanks anyway…

Thanks Clay07..I have too checked with those concerned & the answer is the same.Let me ZIP, I do enjoy you forum.

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