Jailed Kenyan Friend Speaks….HIV???

Posted on October 30, 2007. Filed under: Butdoisay TRUE STORIES |

On a more serious issue, i read in one of our top blogs today that my friend who was arrested last week is HIV positive,had raped his wife and has done time in the swedish *nyumba za wazee*(Jail), first of all, i do not know if he is HIV positive or not plus i ain’t no doctor, secondly all that information would be too much to get from a swedish tjänsteman for those of us who know anything about how the swedish systems work, ‘tystnad’s plikt’, in short the authorities cannot divulge information to you even if it is in enlightening you on your right hand from your left one, but then again i’m not a journalist how can i know if they get special treatment.

Thirdly, this information must have come either, from my friends wife, or someone very close to her because of the specification of the dates, one question is left hanging out over here, when did my friend go to jail in 2005?(dates), i’ve been hanging out with him since way back and haven’t noticed any time he dissapeared from the community.
Why am i standing in here playing a lawyer for my friend you ask? Simply because i feel his name is being tarnished and he is in no position to defend himself, i don’t even think he would approve  me airing his dirty laundry in public, but hey you have to get both sides of the story and judge it for yourselves.
What really happened? The second wife helped this guy settle a serious bill, (i’m talking big money)that he incurred earlier on, less than two month’s ago and later claimed that this guy was having extra curricular activities with another girl elsewhere, which brings us to the element of jealousy, we all know what a woman scorned is capable of doing, especially the woman being white and my friend black. Before you accuse me of racism, my wife and kids are not of the same race as me thank you,take that with a mixture of the cops here and how fair and well treated we are of the halls of (in)-justice over here and you will understand why my friend is being held without contact to the outside world,(can’t the authorities control the calls he makes?). Now my friend may or may not go to jail depending on what side of the bed the judge wakes up from, but my friend did not rape that woman,he just walked the thin line between love and hate and landed on the wrong side, ask the woman what happened between her and her first african boyfriend whom they have a kid with if you think i’m talking bullshit. Why does she claim to be HIV negative if she has been sleeping with my friend since my friend came from kenya september last year, what are the odds on her being Negative?….and am just asking….butdoisay….

Vincent Odede.

Exclusively For butdoisay…..Clays Comment>A friend In Need Is A Friend Indeed!!!


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9 Responses to “Jailed Kenyan Friend Speaks….HIV???”

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Vincent, People do move around in this country. By not updating requested details it could be a sign the letters are going nowhere? On the flip side,It is good you are standing up for your jailed friend. That’s what friends are for.”Osewe is just a noisemaker who thinks he is a small God in town. Anybody who reads his blog knows he is a sick man.” He is known to twist stories and call them facts. I think he gets a kick out of reactions like this. Maybe right now he is beating his meat to this thread…butdoisay

After putting one on one, I think I know who the kenyan in question is and am really in shock! I know the guy to be fun loving and never even thought he was in any way violent. I hope he gets or got a fair trial but we all know the Swedish system of justice. I agree with Vincent, lets respect other people’s privacy please and not disclose sensitive information in public!!

Jeuri ati beating his meat?..LMBAO

Swedish Justice system is often an a big issue whenever kenyans end up in Jail…But i would rather remind my brothers that this justice system is the best system you will ever come across, try, UK, steto, Germany, Kenya etc and you will live to tell.

Thanks Jeuri for the Osewe comment.That man must be too idle or mentally unstable. God! i hate the way he acts as if he knows every single rule in sweden.

The legal implications ,say of mentioning one’s medical status are well laid down.In my opinion ,its not very healthy as community to spew ,information ,true or not,that in the end demeans us as Kenyans.Like l always say lets style up.Stop being petty .We need ,and expect serious debates not gossip.These issues say ,arrests et al, are the thread of every functioning community.We should be able to be above board and tackle the injustices ,instead of abetting stereotyping.Thanks Clay for keeping it real.Lets be happy for everyone who is here cause we aint got nothing to prove.Kenyans are the butt of jokes amongst the shakers and movers in Sweden.Reason ,we are loud with no substance.Clay keep it real …..butdoisay….

Vinnie ayie kodi,in ngama dhano

@Zipi, Swedish system is the best if you haven’t fallen victim to it yet, even me i thought it was until i knew better, i would kindly like you to explain how a system where someone gets arrested, doesn’t get to call anyone at all including his mom to explain his whereabout’s, can be better than UK and US, even in Guantanamo bay, the families know where their kinsman is,this friend of mine hasn’t even been able to call the mom.
In such a system can you believe that they will genuinely give you a lawyer who will look out for your interests other than the government’s considering, the govt is the one paying him? The jury in this country has been criticised severally by the press for not depicting the true picture of the society. Almost everyone on jury duty here is over 50 years, so that does not make it a jury of your peers, a jury of your peers can understand that in the present cosmopolitan sweden and in mixed relationship’s, a white partner can accuse you of anything and leave you with the onus of trying to prove yourself innocent. The current jury grew up in the 60’s and 70’s a time when they didn’t intermingle with the other cultures, so they still have a general negative perception on immigrants.
Anyway, i’ve decided to write a letter to the Kenyan embassy(if they do care),the Swedish government, the Swedish police,the Swedish media and the European parliament to enlighten them on what’s going on because i’m sure someone somewhere knows this is wrong and should be able to do something about it.

Hi Vini i agree with you KSB is a real disgrace to the Kenyan community.No one believes Osewe and his malicious claims stories.He has even said nonini,s show was ashum but it was the best show ever hongera leta mleto crew you guys are a bomb.My prayers this week are dedicated to my friend in jail i believe he,s innocent because he,s so kind and loves having fun why lie missed him lotts on Sato.May the almighty Lord guide and protect him ju ni mtu wetu yenyewe sijui niseme.Much love….butdoisay…

Vincent-a true homeboy! Holding it down for ur friend especially at this time.You´ve got his back no matter what.Thats what being a friend is really about. I too believe that there´s always two and sometimes three sides to a story. It´s sad as pointed out that the info comes out at a time when he cannot be reached to set the record straight.Still lets pray for him that justice will be served because he is a straight up good person.As for the bashers,they seriously need to sit their behinds somewhere and get it together because.. “karma is a bitch” and its gonna bite…

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