Are We Challenging God?

Posted on October 18, 2007. Filed under: Butdoisay TRUE STORIES |

Baba nani….Now that I have told our dear sisters to go for rich men….lets change our sexes and  go for them too……..By the way baba Nani, are human beings challenging God? I will give you one example:

 Did you know that if you dont like your sex, you can change it by eating hormones and you would get a different sex ?

First of all, you would notice a change in your voice, from bass to soprano…… and a change in your flat chest…..abrakadabra… you would suddenly see 2 pineapples on your chest with a nipple on top….and since this does not match with your male body…you would need to go for a major operation to change your male organ.Would you like to know how they do it? Let me help you….

To change your male organ into a female organ is so easy, what they do is they operate the male organ…very carefully thus opening the outer section and inserting the most sensitive part inside, thereby creating a pouch that resembles a female V, with a bean on top exactly like  a female organ…..I have tried to check where they take the balls, but I guess into a gabbage bin somewhere behind your house….I cant find where….

After the operation, I tell you, everything looks like a female organ,  apart from the beard that sometimes refuses to dissappear. I wonder how you would look like after the operation baba nani……but expect winkles all the time!!!

But seriously speaking, are we challenging God from all different angles, I mean like going to the moon and trying to build human robots? And are these people who change their sex organ insane?

Would you change your sex organ from male organ to a female organ and vice versa???

Or maybe we should try and  live the remaining life in  different sexes!!!……….butdoisay….

Clay Onyango.


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To answer that question, i’ll need a lot of help from upstairs but pliz do check carefully on tha corner there and you’ll see some very important quotes associated that i would highly appreciate if all of you would check out.
PS: NAS said it 1st, IT WAS WRITTEN!!!!!!

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